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Voting has ended!
Now, it's time to decide the best entries! Please head on to the poll to decide the best of the best. :D…

Emoji02 by Emoji-icon Assalamu'alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

The contest for Muslim-Manga's 5th Anniversary has ended!
Now it's time to vote your favourite entry!

This voting session will last for 2 WEEKS , until 31st of May 2014.

Please inform us if you think more time is needed for the voting process.

How to vote:

  1.  View ALL the 23 entries below.

     View every single one in full screen, not just the thumbnail of it
  2. Comment only your three (3) favorite entries that you think are the best.
    They don't have to be in any particular order.

    (Please don't comment with only 1 favorite entry)

Some Rules:

  1. Participants may only promote to others (through journal, polls, notes, etc.) to vote for whichever entry
    they think is best in this contest, and may not mention their specific entry to be voted on.
  2. Participants cannot vote on their own entry
  3. Have fun!

The entries:

Emoji01   Here are the wonderful entries! Pick and comment your favorite three entries!!!

1.  Muslim Manga Contest Entry by CyprusBeetle  

2.  Muslim Manga 5th Anniversary by nabyyl 


4. <da:thumb id="451099571"/>  

5.  5th Anniversary  (=^.^=) by Maryam-s 


7.  Muslim Manga CONTEST SUBMISSION 5th Anniversary by Rye-Rahym 

8.  Contest Entry: Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary by Zhar-nee 


10.   happy 5th anniversary muslim manga!! by akunohime01

11.  One page at a time! Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary by SirImran

12. Happy 5th Anniversary Muslim Manga by Rahimi-AF

13. Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary! by Ukhti63

14. Muslim Manga 5th Anniversary Cake! by demonese89 


16. Muslim manga 5th anniversary contest by BENDAHARI 

17. Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary Entry by ALwanasSYabab

18. Muslim Manga's Happy 5th Anniversary ! by artdeeb96

19. Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary by BENDAHARI

20.  <da:thumb id="453839898"/> 

21. muslim manga contest by Sayuri-chann

22. MuslimManga Contest~ Aya by Frills-Of-Justice

23. contest entry for muslim-manga (5th anniversary) by piyoa

Now, what are you waiting for comment away your three most favorite entries!

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MeoSawamura's avatar
everyone are awesome ^_^ 9,10,12
MahaLvonEbnor's avatar
SunLazurine's avatar
10 , 15 , 23 . Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 
Maryam-s's avatar
12,13,22 😍
nrvrl's avatar
mitiwww's avatar
6, 12, 13 But all of them are good, happy anniversary Muslim Manga! I am a dummy! 
dandandanao's avatar
8, 12 and 23 .. They are the best! :)
ArsitekPutih's avatar
10, 11, 12 Good luck :)
Rheena's avatar
DaughterOfMaat's avatar
mizuo-san's avatar
kawaii naa~! (ू>ᴗ<ू♪) 23, 13, 6
SELT0N's avatar
9, 10, 12.  

Masaallah to everyone :)
EmptyRevengsASDFGHJK's avatar
SirImran's avatar
Can you narrow down your favorites to 3 entries only?
thanks! :D
Rinamika's avatar
kuraikitsune13's avatar
12! I mean! 9, 12 and 13.

How did I not see that mistake >_<
kuraikitsune13's avatar
hellonabeeha's avatar
All are good but these are my top picks. #9, #12, #13
Good Job to all of yall!!!
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