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Update: Sorry for the late update guys. The Sura Super Hero Mini-Contest has been extended, so take your time and get some submissions running! :D

Bear Emoji-31 (Hello Hi) [V2]  Assalamualaikum & hi guys!
Time for this month's mini-contest Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] 
If the last activity was about Aya... This time, it's Sura's turn to turn super hero!

So here's the activity:
"Woooosh  "Draw how you would portray Sura (one of our OCs), as a superhero. " Woooosh 

Use your endless creativity to determine how he could be portrayed as a superhero. 
It could be his outfit, costume, super powers or whatever that you think defines Sura as a superhero.

Choo Choo Express :-: Supehero  The rules are simple:
1. Sura must not use guns as his weapons of choice.
2. Give Sura his very own Superhero name
3. Submit to the 'Contests' folder.
4. Post the link to your submission in the comment section below
(it makes it easier to sort things out Bear Emoji-11 (Doze off) [V1] )

Some things to note about Sura:
Sura does not like wearing ties, even though his does wear it with his school uniform.

Submissions for this activity must be made before:

Woooosh  The top 3 submissions will get a feature 
on the front page of Muslim-Manga for TWO(2) Weeks, inshaAllah.

1st Place
2 Week large size feature on the front page
1 x chibi from :iconzhar-nee:
1 x chibi in fav.me/d834jgj style from :iconnichi09:

2nd Place
2 Week medium size feature on the front page
1 x blinking icon from :iconzhar-nee:
1 x chibi in  fav.me/d7t6n3s style from :iconnichi09:

3rd Place
2 Week feature on the front page

We would gladly appreciate anyone who would like to donate more prizes for this mini-contest!
Just comment on this journal or send us a note if you're interested in doing sBear Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

ps: If you don't have the time to meet the deadline, feel free to suggest a superhero name for Sura in the comments!
pps: Don't forget to vote on the winner for the superhero aya acitivity in the polls!

Sura and Aya by SirImran

sura super hero by badr-islam
Air Glider by allbuffeatmeat  Sura the Orange mage by Lia-680

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IBN96's avatar

I would like to participate in the Sura Super Hero contest. My purpose to participate is because of the extended deadline. I hope I am not too late.

Btw, here is the link to my drawing:

Thank you.
ButterLux's avatar
can i contribute for the prizes?

PiNkDuRoQa's avatar
Is this still.... open..Q^Q
it's already december..QoQ
hellonabeeha's avatar
Has it been extended for November?
SirImran's avatar
Yes, it has ^_^
hellonabeeha's avatar
Awesome, Thank You! :)
allbuffeatmeat's avatar
Am I late to participate? Cause I have my entry :D
Lia-680's avatar
Ok Ok 2 more hours to deadline yay I made it wow.
here's my entry:-
hakimizu's avatar
Aww... i dont know this contest =_=
long ago open deviant..

after aya this time for sura :D
not sure will participation or not =_=
SirImran's avatar
Would you join if there was a time extension? :D
Abdulla-A's avatar
we have reached 5 contributes so far.
Abdulla-A's avatar
I really recommend expanding the time because it doesn't seem as many people have contributed yet.
hakimizu's avatar
yeah,,, mybe
but, tonight I will try to draw up deadline..
 :D i do my best
nichi09's avatar
*wishper*ehem nk sponsor hadiah boleh?
SirImran's avatar
Boleh saja :D
Nak sponsor apa?
nichi09's avatar
this type of chibi for the first place fav.me/d834jgj
and this one for second place fav.me/d7t6n3s
thank you :D
SirImran's avatar
Okay! I've put it up in the journal :)
nichi09's avatar
badr-islam's avatar
assalamu alaikum this is my participation
KuElisa's avatar
Alhamdulillah, I'M DONE!!!

SirImran's avatar
Alhamudlillah ^__^
It's been added as an entry to the  contest
Minouru's avatar
InsyaAllah I'll join this activity...
SirImran's avatar
Can't wait to see your entry ^__^
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