Hijab Webcomic Contest

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Title: Hijab Webcomic Contest

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum,

This contest has ended. Thanks to all who participated in the contest  O(≧▽≦)O
The winner has been announced. Check it out! Hijab Webcomic Contest Winner AnnouncementTitle: Hijab Webcomic Contest
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu Alaikum,
I hope everyone is doing fine by the grace of the Almighty
It's that time again!!!!
Let's find out who is our winner of the Hijab Webcomic Contest
The Winner is~~~~~

Congratulations to :iconMinouru: on winning the contest!!!  Minouru will get a halfbody commission from :iconPiNkDuRoQa:
And thanks to all those who participated in the contest.  Gif by Emoxynha
Everyone Go and read Webcomics at Muslim Manga!  *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) by mochatchi

The entries have been uploaded in the Muslim Manga website.
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Peace be with you all! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ


    Assalamu Alaikum Everyone! Hope you are doing fine with the grace of the Almighty. It's been one month since a new year has started. February is running. Do you know what is celebrated on the 1st February?
    Let me tell you. 1st February is celebrated as World Hijab Day across the world. it is a worldwide event that encourages Muslim and non-Muslim women to wear the hijab, and experience life of a Hijabi woman (i.e. a woman wearing a hijab).
    What is hijab? Well, hijab is a veil that covers the head & chest. It is worn by Muslim women for piety and modesty.
    Islam considers hijab as the symbol of a woman's pride & dignity. But nowadays, Muslim women wearing hijab face great discrimination and misbehavior from people who don't know its true purpose. However, this has not stopped the courageous Muslim women from wearing hijab. They are facing all problems boldly & moving forward with more confidence.
    In support of all brave Hijabi women around the world, Muslim Manga invites you to a contest.


For this contest you'll have to make a short comic showing what kind of problem a Hijabi woman faces and how she tackles it with bravery & cleverness. This comic can have the story of your personal experience or of something that you witnessed or heard of.

Your comic should show your support to the woman who wear hijab.


  • Your comic must be at least three panels and should not exceed six panels.
  • No profanity.
  • Do not use watermark in your submission.
  • You can submit more than one comic but only one will be chosen for the prize.
  • Email your submission to the specific email address.
  • If you are submitting through deviantArt then put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal.
  • Make sure that your drawing follows the group's submission rules, otherwise it'll be denied.


  • You can submit your artwork by email. Make sure to send it to  contests@muslimmanga.org


  • You can submit your artwork on the Contests Folder at Deviant Art:  click here (If submitting on deviantart, mention “For Muslim Manga Contest” in the text section of the submission)


This contest will end on February 28th 2016


The three best comics will be featured in the Muslim Manga website.

The winner will get a halfbody commission... from :iconpinkduroqa:

Thanks to :iconpinkduroqa: for the donation!

If you wish to make our contests even more awesome, please consider donating a prize.

Send us an email to  contests@muslimmanga.org


contact us through our social media pages:

Our facebook page

Our twitter page


If you have any question about this contest then feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Your small drawing can mean a lot to a woman who is fighting for her right to wear modest clothing.

Let's give our best for them.


Hiijab? by Minouru
By :iconminouru:

Morning Tea (EN) by Muhnaa
Morning Tea (EN)
By :iconmuhnaa:

© 2016 - 2020 Muslim-Manga
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Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
sorry I couldn't finish mine ;.; I was too busy :c
SmileySan's avatar
No worries.  You can still submit it when you get time to finish it. 
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
I'll try- I have more free time now so I'll see what I can do :D
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
I'll look into them and see if I have some time :)
PiNkDuRoQa's avatar
I want to donate a halfbody commission..~ QvQ for the first place
Abdulla-A's avatar
that would be create thank you so much for your donation!
PiNkDuRoQa's avatar
You are welcome..<3
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
Is this still going? I was working on an entry but got behind :c
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nrvrl's avatar
Could you change the rules a bit? about the comic not to exceed more than six panels?
Six panels is just so restricting. It's hard to tell stories with just that much panel (unless it's a 4 panel gag manga). How about change the limit to three pages max?
Abdulla-A's avatar
I am not sure if you understood but it doesn't really mean that you have to get at least six panels you are welcome to have less than six panels but not less that three pages!
nrvrl's avatar
The rules said between 3 to 6 panel, while 6 is the maximum number of panel allowed. I understand that. What I'm asking is if they can change the rules to allowed more than that. And to limit the page instead of limiting the panel.
Abdulla-A's avatar
I don't know because what I know about web comic is that it is suppose to be a short thing and should be contained on one page but I could be wrong! also what is the fun of not having to challenge your self to do something between 3 to 6 panels! also it's more achievable at a low amount of time unless your having a problem with getting an idea then you could leave me a note and I could assist you in developing idea's for your short web comics!
nrvrl's avatar
Thanks, but no. I wanna do it myself. :)
Are you gonna participate in this contest too by the way?
Abdulla-A's avatar
not really sure If I will because I am busy with my personal projects and the group's work ^^' but I hope to see your comic soon! :)
nrvrl's avatar
Yeah, I hope so too :D
SmileySan's avatar
We will have manga contests hopefully next month.  In that contest, there will be a page limit instead of panel limit.  This one is a web comic though, so you can do multiple web comic submissions if you want to.
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Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
I have a question! What if the problem the woman faces is someone using profanity at her? :? could the profanity be said in a way like with a "beep!" or those symbols people tend to use with $@! sort of things? thank you :)
SmileySan's avatar
Actually, please send a note to Muslim-Manga and we can talk about the details of your idea there. 

Thank you
Lady-RyuuXX87's avatar
well, I sent a note there in December and no one answered me but ok I have sent this new note now :nod:
SmileySan's avatar
It might have gotten overlooked.  
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