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Q. Can I join?
Yes, of course you can!!

Q. How do I join?
You may join by clicking on the Join Our Group button on the left side of the page.  

You may also devwatch us, if you don't want to join, but if you want to participate in the many contests we have, you will need to join.  
It would be nice if you add our icon to your journal or devID.  To do so, type :icon Muslim-Manga: ( no space between :icon & Muslim-Manga: ). This can help spread the word and increase membership for the group.

To add our icon to your journal,
copy and paste : iconMuslim-Manga:
and remove the space
between :icon and Muslim-Manga:
to get the following -


Q. I am not a muslim, Can I still join?
Yes. Muslim-Manga appreciates the support people from other faiths and beliefs.  You are even allowed to enter some of the contests as long as your follow the rules or as long as it is not mentioned other wise in the details of the particular contest.

Q. I added Muslim-Manga to my watch list, but Muslim-Manga's icon not being displayed on the list of my groups I am a part of.  Why?
One possibility is that you did not click on "Join Our Group".

Q. How do I submit a deviation to the group?
Go to the folder you want to send you deviation to.  Towards the top right, there should be a button that says + submit to this folder. Make sure to submit your artwork to the correct folder.  If you don't, it may be rejected.

Q. What kind of deviations can I submit?
We want manga style deviations that show Muslims in a positive light, or teach moral lessons.  So pretty much, if you have a Muslims characters that you have drawn, you can submit it to us.  For More detail on what you can submit and where to submit it, please go here.

Q. Why is this group here?
This group is here to:
-  Promote the understanding of Islam
-  Create an accurate image of Muslims and show them in a positive light.
-  Teach moral lessons.

Q. Will you have any contests or projects?
Yes inshaAllah (God willing) we plan on having contests on a regular basis.  If nothing comes up, we try to have at least one contest a month, maybe more.   

Q. Is this group just for Girls?
A while back, we would get this question asked a lot.  But anyway, no it is not and it never was just for Girls.   Just because the logo is of a girl doesn't mean this group is not for guys.  

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