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By shsn

This is an activity.  It is like a contest, but we don't give prizes like subscriptions, but we may have a poll and the winners will have their artwork featured on Muslim Manga.  

Ayeh is the girl in our logo.  She wears a green hijab- occasionally orange.  (Her favorite colors are green and orange.) She has a very nice and positive personality.  She likes to help out her friends and classmates whenever she can.  

This activity will be about Ayeh and her classmates.

She has been going to high school in Japan, but she stills covers up properly.  Recently, she decided to start a Muslim Manga Club in her high school to teach her friends about Muslims and Islam.  

Use your creativity and draw her with her classmates.  He classmates can be Muslim or non Muslim or both.  Be creative.

Ayeh inviting to the club by dandandanao :thumb346535052: :thumb347564633: :thumb347347556:

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Asalamualaikum...I'm new in devianart, n this is the first group I found. I'll try to submit one. =)
shsn's avatar
Wa-alaykomosalaam. If you plan on participating in this contest, you better submit your entry soon, because the contest is ending soon.
Boy-Syafik's avatar
you must be the admin... thank you for replying my comment. may I ask, when is the deadline?
shsn's avatar
actually I made a mistake. I thought you posted on the tutorial contest. The tutorial contest ends tomorrow, so you have about 24 hours from now until the deadline. What you have actually posted your comment under was what we call an 'activity'. They are like contest, but there really isn't a deadline, so you can submit your artwork for that activity whenever you want.
Boy-Syafik's avatar
I see, thanks for the information Mr. admin. I will always support this group, =D
YESSFA's avatar
Inshallah~ I will draw something within 24hrs ^^
SAI182's avatar
and if its completed where do we post it? =D
shsn's avatar
No deadline. But, the sooner you submit, the better it is. Submit it to the 'For Muslim Manga' folder
Asjad-chan's avatar
السلام عليكم ^^
اعلم انني ابدو كالحمقاء اتحدث العربية بين من لا يجيدونها @_@
لكن المعذرة .. اريد ان اطلب طلبا من عربي يقرأ تعليقي ..
انا فهمت معظم الكلام في الاعلى .. لكن المطلوب هو مالم افهمه .. فهلا شرحتم لي شرحا بسيطا يتحمله عقلي xD

وشكرا ^^
Zazi-chan's avatar
و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
دالمطلوب يا أختاه رسم أية و هي إبداء فعالية الترويج لنادي مسلم مانغا
للتعريف عن الاسلام بين زملائها و زميلاتها في مدرستها الثاناوية في اليابان.

طبعا الطلبة ة الطالبات ممكن يكونو مسلمين و ممكن يكونو غير مسلمين
Asjad-chan's avatar
مشكوووووورة ^^ الله يعطيك ألف عافيه ^____^

أخيرا وضحت لي الفكرة @_@
Basket-Of-Fruit's avatar
ok :) ill do this maybe. ;V;
vhayoung's avatar
insya allah i'll join this contest :)
dandandanao's avatar
Hi XD Finally the entry for this activity [link]
dandandanao's avatar
Wanna join En sha'a Allah
xzalincy's avatar
me want join this one! XD
is there any dateline for this activity?
shsn's avatar
There is not really a deadline for this, but the sooner you draw your submission the better, because the longer you wait, the more likely you will forget about it ^_^
xzalincy's avatar
aw! aye aye captain! :9
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