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By shsn
This is what we call an "activity", so you as the member submit artwork to show support for Muslim-Manga but there usually isn't any prize unless someone donates a prize.  

So........Ayeh like mangos (the fruit) so for this activity,  draw her eating a mango ^_^

All normal submission rules apply.  Nothing inappropriate accepted.  Have fun!

Ayeh loves mangos by dandandanao Ayeh is eating Mango! by Haru-Flower Ayeh likes Mangos by LovableLuma

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Haru-Flower's avatar
Mmmm, I really want to draw one.. but I'm not sure if I will =(
Anyway, I'll try :aww:
spring-sky's avatar
We'll be very glad to see your entry :D
Haru-Flower's avatar
Finally, I did it :squee:
Alhamdulillah :aww:
here is my work [link]
dandandanao's avatar
And I finished... Thanks for Allah>>>[link]
dandandanao's avatar
Really nice idea...

I'll sumbit my work En Sha'a Allah
garden-fairy's avatar
Asalam Alikum :)
That's a really nice idea, but can I ask who Ayeh is? and is there a deadline for submitting any of the activities artwork
SumairiiSan's avatar
Wa-alaykomosalaam. Ayeh is the girl in our logo:
and [link] might give you a better idea. There is no real deadline for these activities, unless we decided to add one later. But the sooner you make the artwork, the better.
garden-fairy's avatar
Ah, ok she looks really cute
okay thank you very much for replying :)
LovableLuma's avatar
Aww! This is cute! :) I'll see if I can try this inshallah.
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