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nice group you've got there
hello and...good to see you and wish the best for you all.
Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:…
Um, I was told to re-submit my work and I did, but it still wasn't accepted?
does anyone here take free art requests? there is a scene idea I want that features muslim characters
Happy Eid my group !
actually I am happy this group still active!
I was oing to leave DA because I don't see many activities here 
so you give me light of hope as usual ! OuO 
let's be happy and draw art !
I'm Christian but i really love when people draw Muslim characters/characters with Hijabs :hearts: