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red skull wallpaper

I'm doing tees like this atm, so I hought I'd make one as a wallpaper cause I have had the dancing one up for ages.

Full view/download is around 2mb I think, just to warn you in advance.
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I love it. I'll feature this one for my Wallpaper Wednesday post and link back here. Awesome work!
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Can i use this for my band album cover? replay thx :)
Hey! First of all i think this is really amazing - second i was wondering if you are interested in maybe helping to create a logo for my Xbox 360 gaming clan - we've been searching for an artist for a couple of months but have had no luck and a friend of mine came across your red skull wallpaper and we all thought that it was perfect but of course we could never use someone else's work that was intended for other things and we're no thieves! so again i ask if you are at all interested my Email address is - all credit would go to you of course and we would advertise your DA/art on our website.

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yeah go ahead, sorry for the late reply, I'm not on da very much tehse days ;)
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Pretty damn good/coolio/awesome
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Great, I love it.
Simple yet complex
Clean yet dirty
I love it.
Awesome! It's set as my wallpaper

Indeed it looks great on a t-shirt. Reminds me of Affliction clothing.


Great stuff!
You seem to outrun the gaming business. Check out Tabula Rasa and Gears of War logos, both released much later than your project. Respect :D
GoW inspirations (doubt it, the date added is way back before GoW was announced)? Very nice ;)
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on a tshirt this would be AWESOME
We've all seen the skull with wings before but you twisted it and made it more brilliant! I would wear this shirt.
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very nice artwork
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Great wallpaper, I love it.
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I love this! The texture is awesome, it looks almost like a design from a t-shirt. Very cool, amazing wallpaper!
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sweet i love the texture and skull
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I love the gritty simplicity of this. I'm using it on my desktop. ^^
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Awesome, I'd buy a T with that on it. :)
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Tres cool, I love skulls and the like!! Anything remotely piratey! :+fav: xx
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pirates rock!

Thanks :D
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Teehee :ahoy: :pirate: that they does!!! x
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That's so weird, I was drawing ideas for stuff and drew something like this. Yours is better, obviously... freaking thinking alike lady!!!
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