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Time Traveler's Wife

At last I finished it!!!! It took me about 12 hours and I'm really proud with it))) Although I thought I'll go insane drawing the hair and the hand, but somehow I made it!

Please comment, really like to know your opinions

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WIP - [link]
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how long did it take you to make this? its amazing
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Thanks! I think it took me about 12-13 hours in total)
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I just got that movie yesterday. I saw it before but it was so romantic I had to have it. You did a WONDERFUL AMAZING AWESOME EPIC job on this picture. The expressions around out of this world awesome.
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Thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked it)) I think it's my best work I have yet to exceed.
SelenaParthenopaeus's avatar
I hope you making a living from this. That work would sell.
musis-amica's avatar
Haha, nope, I'm not, cause I'm not so productive to live off of my works. I just draw occasionally for myself)) But that's a nice thought!
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This is absolutely AMAZING!
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I really love the emotions conveyed in this!
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EmotionalPenguin's avatar
Wow, you should be proud, this is amazing!!
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I am)) Thank you!
silknserenagurl's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could draw like that!
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Thank you!
Well, practice makes perfect))
xXexplodingrosesXx's avatar
Holy crap this is amazing! I saw the movie the other night and this just brings it all back. Great great job! :lol:
musis-amica's avatar
Thank you, that's the reaction I was hoping for)))
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no words - only emotions
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Wonderful ! The facial expression of the girl is lovely ! :+fav:
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Thanks, expression was the most important thing for me to capture.
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Well , you couldn't have done it any better :)
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i really like it. i knew who it was right away.. i just read the book and this looks so much like it.
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