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Did you all know that Oct 23rd is the last day to submit your order in for a Halloween themed commission? While time is running out, you still have a few days to get an order in before they close up until next year! Feel free to message me for any questions but please DO NOT send commission requests through DA. I have forms for those. ^_^

While the deadline for orders to be in is Oct 23rd, I am working hard to get everyone’s piece out by or before Halloween. So far, I am still quite on schedule!

You can find my Halloween Themed Commission order forms  ⇨  here ⇦

                                                 Pricing Info: 

  • $10 Halloween themes Headshot Bust (includes pre-made background)
  • $18 Halloween themes Half-Body (¾) (includes pre-made background)

  • $22 Halloween themes Full-Body (includes pre-made background) 
Please note the choices for costumes I am drawing up this year in the order form just before entering in your descriptions. However, if you do have an idea for another costume that isn’t listed, feel free to ask - I may be willing to work something out.

Halloween Commission: Iria and Sebastian by Musing-Zero  Halloween Commission: Nimhuil by Musing-Zero  Commission: Sidhra by Musing-Zero  Halloween Commission: Sinnie by Musing-Zero  Halloween Commission: Mermaid by Musing-Zero  Commission: Iria and Vespien by Musing-Zero
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Submitted on
October 21, 2017