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So I'm planning on getting a table at an con, but the problem is, I need to come up with some good, sell-able drawings to display. Now I normally don't draw fan-art, but that's what people will want, so I'm going to  do it. If you lovelys could give me some ideas, that would be great! By ideas I mean like... 'Draw Panty and Stocking with wings!" or "Draw Isabelle and Digby holding hands!"... stuff like that. Now these ARE NOT commissions, so I will not draw OCs and I will not draw smut. 
If you could give me some ideas, that'd be awesome. And if I use your idea, I'll draw a free commission for you, or give you a free print of that idea. 
Thanks tons,
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I would draw what speaks to you! If you need other people to tell you what fanart you should draw, you probably shouldn't be drawing fanart. XD You could use your time and talent to put extra effort into the things you already enjoy drawing and already have some ideas for. Artists alley should be able developing yourself as an artist, not pandering. >w<
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Thanks for the advice! And I was wondering what other people would like to see, since I would have to sell some stuff to actually be able to do this ('^v^)
Ah, the struggles of the broke! But you're right! I should draw what I enjoy, and enjoy what I draw!
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Hmm, I really like different landscapes e.g in the night you see a half moon and the top of a tree. Another can be a forest and for something different you could do a scene of a street when it was in the Victorian time.
Hope that helped!