Down With the Sickness

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I'm really regretting putting that as the title already. I couldn't resist the pun
Anyways. I've gotten a pretty bad head cold the other day, and since I still have it, updates will be coming along slowly, although they normally do cause I'm a lazy piece of shit. But this head cold is causing me to be way more tired than usual, and even when I try to draw or do anything other than sleep, I fall asleep.
I'm still working on things, its just taking a very slow process. Normally I can whip up a drawing in one day, but the lining takes a while for me since I can never decide if I want lines or not, along with shading. 
But. If I'm lucky, this stuff will go away soon, and I can get back to work on a very big project 2 years in the making! Although it was only heavily worked on (writing wise, I haven't drawn in) this year. 
Look forward to it!
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