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Happy Halloween
Try as you may to stay my hand
to silence my words and cover my brand.
Given to me as a token of grief
burned into my skin as the mark of a thief.
You try to keep me like a bird in a cage,
you beat and tear me in your thoughtless rage.
But as the world keeps spinning, turning
I find the thoughts inside me churning.
The mistake you made has come into light
my emotions no longer controlled by the fight.
You will find that I am not to be conquered,
that those days you prize are now closely numbered.
The weakling you've used is now the lord,
the epic began when you gave her the sword.
You wonder who was it that made her this way?
Who trapped her and beat her, who lead her astray?
Now in your final breathes you find your mistake,
you will see in justice your conscience was fake.

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