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Goodbye Ronnie by Musiclover831 Goodbye Ronnie :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0 The Sun and Moon by Musiclover831 The Sun and Moon :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 1 0
Good Times - All Time Low
On a fault line, late night
Underneath the stars we came alive
And singing to the sky just felt right
I won't forget the good times
While the punks started picking fights
With the skater kids under city lights
Remember how we laughed 'til we cried
I won't forget the good times.
I never want to leave this sunset town
But one day the time may come
And I'll take you at your word
And carry on
I'll hate the goodbye
But I won't forget the good times
I won't forget the good times.
We were bare-knuckled, tight lip
Middle fingers up, ego trip
Devil may care but we didn't mind
I won't forget the good times
We're the boys in black smoking cigarettes
Chasing girls who didn't know love yet
As the bonfire moon came down
I won't forget the good times.
I never want to leave this sunset town
But one day the time may come
And I'll take you at your word
And carry on
I'll hate the goodbye
But I won't forget the good times
I won't forget the good times.
When we laughed
When we cried
Those were the days
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
Their Relationship by Musiclover831 Their Relationship :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
Let Me Love You - Ne-Yo
Much as you blame yourself, you can't be blamed for the way that you feel
Had no example of a love that was even remotely real
How can you understand something that you never had
Ooh baby if you let me, I can help you out with all of that.
Girl let me love you
And I will love you
Until you learn to love yourself
Girl let me love you
And all your trouble
Don't be afraid, girl let me help
Girl let me love you
And I will love you
Until you learn to love yourself
Girl let me love you
A heart of numbness, gets brought to life
I'll take you there.
Girl let me love you
Girl let me love you baby, oh
Girl let me love you
Girl let me love you baby
Girl let me love you
Let me love you, let me love you, oh.
I can see the pain behind your eyes
It's been there for quite a while
I just wanna be the one to remind you what it is to smile
I would like to show you what true love can really do.
Girl let me love you
And I will love you
Until you learn to love yourself
Girl let me love you
And all your trou
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: Ice Cream
It was a tie so I'm going to go with the first one.
You: Sure. I'll wait by the entrance.
Garroth: Okay, I'm on my way.
You: Okay
   " Garroth said he's going to come pick me up. "
   " Alright, where at?"
   " The entrance. "
   " Okay. Let's walk there. "
I nodded as we started walking there. we talked a little on the way there. When we made it to the entrance his car pulled up right in front of it.
   " Hey, guys having fun?" He said from the driver's window.
   " Ya got to learn a lot about Y/n here. "
   " Same with Laurence. Plus the fact that he's a Casanova. "
   " Oh~so you noticed. " He said with a deep voice and getting closer.
   " Laurence leave the poor girl alone. " Garroth said.
   " What? I'm just showing her what she wants. " I rolled my eyes 
I said ' bye ' to Laurence and walked towards Garroth's car.  jumped in the
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 6 3
Integrity by Musiclover831 Integrity :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
Vibe - Fly By Midnight
I throw it your way, you're catchin' my vibe
I throw it your way, you're catchin' my vibe
I throw it your way, your way, your way
I throw it your way, your way, your way.
Call me Christopher Columbus
'Cause I know you're across the room
So I'mma drink till I float
And I'll find a way to discover you
Your body talk like Tove Lo
Speak to me like ooh-la
Let that record spin like yo-yo, oh no
Here we go.
Sex, drugs, rock the wave, ooh
Slow, go deep for me, ooh.
I throw it your way, you're catchin' my vibe
I throw it your way, you're catchin' my vibe
I throw it your way, your way, your way
I throw it your way, your way, your way.
Better not drop that shit
Ooh, that vibe, sexual desire
I say now, ooh, that vibe, sexual desire
Better not drop that shit
Ooh, that vibe, sexual desire
I say now, ooh, that vibe, ooh, that vibe.
You're like Twizzlers on the top shelf
Sweet tooth, so I need a taste
Too high (I can't help myself)
And it won't stop till I reach you babe.
Sex, drugs, rock the wave, oo
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
MCD: Travis's Ending
   ' Alright. I know this will go well. It will go well. I'm positive.'
I was at the Irene statue praying. I was going to tell Travis about my memories. They all came back.
   " Hey, what's up?"
I looked behind me to see Travis standing there.
   " Hey, Travis. I'm not doing anything really. Just praying to Irene. "
   " For what? What's wrong?"
   " The timing is just right. Travis, I need to talk to you. "
He nodded and came to sit beside me. He looked at me with those worried emerald green eyes.
   " Travis all of my memories have come back to me. "
   " Well, that's great! How is that bad?"
   " I remember where I lived before coming to Phoenix Drop. I have a family there Travis. "
   " Oh. "
Then it was quiet. Neither of us spoke a word. We both just sat in front of the Irene statue. I could tell Travis was contemplating whether I would stay or not.
   " Are you going to leave. "
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0
PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: Talking
   " Okay quit the glaring contest. Garroth I'll stay with Laurence. "
   " You sure?"
   " Ya. "
   " Okay. Text me if you need anything. "
   " I will. "
   " Bye guys. "
   " Bye Garroth. "
   " Bye man. "
I saw Garroth stuff his hands in his pockets and start walking home. He looked kind of sad. I wish I didn't have to choose. I don't want to hurt either of their feelings. I turned back towards Laurence to see him grinning.
   " So, Y/n how do you know Garroth?"
   " When we were kids my mom knew his mom and from there we would hang out a lot. "
   " Oh, so like a childhood friend?"
   " Ya. Exactly like that. What about you? How do you know him?"
   " Well we are in the same year and we would always keep running into each other. So one day we stopped and talked with each other. "
   " Nice. So what do you want to do while we are here?"
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 5 4
Fear by Musiclover831 Fear :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 4 0
MCD:Garroth's Ending
   ' Okay, I've made up my mind. I need to tell him. I want to know if he feels the same way about me. If he doesn't then it makes it easier to leave. ' 
I started searching all over Phoenix Drop for Garroth. I couldn't find him anywhere.
   ' Wait. '
I completely forgot about checking there! I started walking towards the edge of the village. I found a small hill and I looked inside to see that it was the same hole that lead to the underground cave. I took my first step in the hole and started walking downwards. The way down was very rocky and weird. When I reached the bottom I saw a body floating in the water. I looked closer to see that it was Garroth. He was floating on his back and staring up at the top of the cave. Where the crystals were. 
   " Hey, Garroth. "
His head looked up while the rest of his body went underneath the water.
   " Hey, Y/n. What's up?"
   " Nothing. "
I went and sat at the edge of the dry area. I t
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 4 1
PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: The Park
I got up and got dressed to go to the park. I wore ( Wear whatever you would like ). I pulled out my phone to check the time to see that Garroth texted me.
Garroth: Hey so are you coming to the park?
You: Ya.
Garroth: I'll come by and we can walk there together.
You: Okay. I'll be waiting at the front door.
Garroth: Alright
I put my phone in my pocket and walked out the front door. I shut the door and locked it. I held the textbook in my hand. I saw Garroth walking up the road in his athletic jacket. As usual. When he saw me a smile appeared on his face.
   " Hey, Garroth. "
   " Hey, Y/n got the textbook?"
   " Right here. "
   " Alright well, let's go. "
I nodded and we started walking to the park. As we walked to the park we talked. We talked the whole way. Eventually, we stopped walking when we reached the middle of the bridge. I leaned over the edge and looked into the water. I watched it as it flowe
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 2 9
MCD: Laurence's Ending
It's time. I need to tell him how I feel. After everything that's been happening. It's time. Especially before any other guy meets me. Can I do it though? Without Stuttering and freaking out? I shook my head and started walking around the village looking for Laurence. I found Travis and Garroth, but not Laurence. Eventually, I went to APhmau's house.
   " Hey, Y/n! What's up?"
   " Hey, Aph I was wondering if Laurence was around? Or if you've seen him?"
   " Ahhh I thought you might ask about him. "
She walked inside gesturing me to come in as well. I walked in and she made us both some tea and we sat down at the table.
   " I gave Laurence the day off. He seemed really stressed lately. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give him a days rest. "
   " Ahhh, I see. "
   " Why were you looking for him?"
   " U-Ummm. "
   " Hmmm. You like him don't you?"
   " Y-Yes. "
   " Well,
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 3 1
PDH Laurence x Reader x Garroth: The Beginning
It was Friday and I was walking through the hallways like a normal student when a girl bumped into me. I fell alongside the girl.
   " Oh! I'm so so so sorry! "
   " It's fine. "
I sat up with the girl beside me. She had black hair and orange eyes. We both started getting our stuff and then once we were done we both stood up together.
   " I'm sorry again. I was rushing to get to homeroom. "
   " It's fine..."
   " Aphmau. "
   " Aphmau it's fine really. I'm not injured. Why were you rushing to homeroom?"
   " Cause I need to meet my friend Laurence there. "
   " Ahh, I see. "
   " What's your name?"
   " Y/n. It's nice to meet you Aphmau. "
   " You can just call me Aph. "
   " Alright well, I hope you make it to meet Laurence. I won't keep you anymore. "
   " Okay thank you! I'll see you later!"
She waved at me before she ran off
:iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 6 4
I'd Rather by Musiclover831 I'd Rather :iconmusiclover831:Musiclover831 0 0

Random Favourites

Bonnie X blind! reader
Reader's POV
It was a normal day in my life just walking around having Phil (your dog that helps you get around) help me around as he leads me to school it's not easy being blind the only thing I see every day is blackness and I my cane was at school when a friend came to pick me up so I had to walk with Phil all the way back but being blind was a good thing really people help me up and down stairs they read to me and a lot of people under stand what it is like being blind but it had down sides some people take advantage of my blindness like last week when (bully's name) Stoll my cane and left me standing there with no way to get around luckily I had a lot of friends who hunted him down and brought my cane back in one piece then Phil stopped and ran in a different direction it had music and had the smell of pizza and cup cakes we soon walked inside "I'm sorry mam you can't ware shades or bring dogs in side of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" I felt a hand stop me from Entering stopped me I then
:iconannabellasirenwaters:AnnabellasirenWaters 173 195
Bill Cipher X Reader ONE SHOT - Pancake Batter
"Bill!" I shouted, stepping inside of my house and closing the door. "I'm back!" I threw my backpack on the couch and turned on the TV, sitting down and staring intently at the screen. The happy yellow sponge on the screen was singing the Fun Song with the green Plankton on the screen.
"F is for Frolic through all the flowers. U is for Ukulele." I sang under my breath, smiling at the screen. "N is for Nose picking, chewing gum, and sand licking Here with my best buddy!" I heard a familiar snicker from behind me and I froze, a light blush dusting my (S/C) cheeks. I slowly turned around, hoping that it was just my imagination only to get some pancake batter thrown at my face. My eye twitched as the batter ran down my face, wiping it off. Annoyance was shown in my (E/C) eyes as I glanced up at the now human triangle standing before me.
"Bill..." I growled. Bill grinned at my annoyed state, wiping some of the batter off of my face and trying to get it out of my (H/L) (H/C) hair.
"Yes, dear
:iconnekogamergirl:NekoGamerGirl 197 60
Bill cipher x reader dancing with a demon
Bill cipher x reader : Dancing with a demon
Ok, soooo yeah... Um this is only my second bill x reader so if there's a problem or anything please let me know, ok? Thanks, hope the stories alright!
1: (h/c) =hair color
2:(G/B)=gender (this one is female, sorry)
3:(e/c)=eye color
4:(s/c)=skin color
5:(f/c)=fave color
6:(h/l)=hair length
You sighed, watching Mabel, Pacifica ,Grenada, and candy sort through the many dresses in the store. A town dance was coming up, and because a certain female (*cough cough* a old mean friend of Pacifica's) just had to say something about you not having a date, or wearing anything pretty, your girl-friends got riled up and decided to prove her wrong. "(Y/n)!! Try these!" Mabel tossed a couple of dresses at you, while Pacifica promptly shoved you in the dressing room. Sighing, you began your decent  into the pile of dresses. Each one was either too tight for your taste or too showy. You'd finally gone through all of the
:iconthemaskedkat12:TheMaskedKat12 403 135
Cipher Kingdom (Bill Cipher x Reader)
*Keep in mind that I changed scenes to fit the story, and that this may contain spoilers*
"Ahahahaha!!" Bill Cipher the dream demon laughed as he made Gravity Falls his own image.
He looked over his new creation feeling pleased, his friends taking off to cause chaos. "After so long.. Gravity Falls is finally--" "BILL CIPHER!!"
The yellow dorito looked down behind him and saw a girl, she was breathing hard as if she had ran a marathon, her (h/c) hair was a tad messy, her (e/c) eyes shone with high disbelief and her clothes was a bit out of place. "_____ baby! you look swell! just let me fix you up a bit!"
With a snap of his fingers _____'s hair and clothes straightened out, even a bottle of water appeared in her hands for her thirst. She narrowed her eyes at him still catching her breathe, not bothering to open her water.
"What? would you rather have an energy drink?" Bill asked floating down to her level, shifting from his triangle form to his more human form, he only used this
:iconspiritx270:Spiritx270 402 46
Miss You - Human!Bill Cipher x Reader
"Things have been going great, Dipper and Mabel sent me a postcard. Well technically not just to me but to everyone at the Mystery Shack" you said as you leaned back against the cold rough surface behind you. "They said they're doing fine and that high school isn't that bad, in fact Dipper says Mabel's enjoying it more because of all the cute boys" you said with a small chuckle as you shifted around. You rested the palm of your hands against the grass and lightly clenched and unclenched them. "Works been going good as well."
You nodded your head as you listened to the silence that responded back to you as well as the slight howl of the wind. "Soos isn't that bad of a boss and Melody is a great coworker, her and Soos make such a cute couple" you said as your lips twitched up into a small smile.
"Oh and Wendy's been doing good as well. I think she likes having Soos as a boss because he still pays her, even when she just lazes around reading one of her magazines" you snickered
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 168 38
Human! Bill Cipher X Reader ONESHOT
"Seven billion people in the world and you're overreacting because we killed one man"
"Now stop complaining and drink your smoothie."
   You stared at the table and silently continued to sip your smoothie. The man sitting across from you had gave it to you. 'Consider it my little treat, for what you have done for me' he said. He made it sound as if killing another human being was common in his line of work. However, considering he is a demon it wouldn't surprise you much. "Dream demon" he corrected under his breath. You sighed, remembering he could read minds. You looked out of the window near you, trying to distract yourself from the deed you had just preformed. You, (f/n) (m/n) (l/n) had just killed a man. Why? So you could carry out your deal with the dream demon sitting across from you. Bill Cipher.
   Not to long ago, he had stumbled onto you. Full of rage and seeked revenge. However, a crucial part of his plan required a human vessel. Of co
:iconbrightmott:Brightmott 83 11
Human Bill Cipher x Depressed! Reader
Warning. Fluff and depression mentioned. Also slight mentions of self harm. Just in case trigger warning.
 You had lived the last few years of your life as a lie. All your emotions and feelings you locked away. All of your reactions and smiles where fake. Everything that your friends liked about you was a lie, your happiness, cheerfulness, all of it. Soon, you eventually came to the conclusion that it wasn't really their fault, for you have just become so used to hiding your true feelings that it was just natural. You eventually drifted away from your friends and family and moved away. It wasn't until you moved to Gravity Falls that things started to get better. Quite frankly you found most of the people here as idiots. Yet you're many years of quietly observing made it easy for you to pick up on some things. This town was full of secrets.
   One of which you happily discovered. A book. Yet not just any book, this book you found contained spells. At the tim
:iconbrightmott:Brightmott 103 9
Bill Cipher X Reader (Monster Falls AU)
   You were different from others in Gravity Falls. You were smart, you understood how things worked. You knew more than even Dipper and Mabel about the things that occurred in this small town. Yet, you kept to yourself and because of that Bill Cipher became rather intrigued with you. To him you were just another piece in his twisted game of chess that he could use. However, he never expected that you would become the Queen.
   "Dipper, are you sure we should be doing this" you asked him in a hushed whisper. He chuckled, "Oh (y/n), if I didn't think this was going to work, why would I be doing it" he retorted in a witty, know it all tone. You sighed and slightly glared at him. You knew that this wouldn't work, not at all actually. His plan was to make a love potion for Wendy, for a just in case thing. Of course he only saw the letters 'LO' and 'PO' in that damn journal, so he automatically assumed it was a 'Love Potion'. Yet, you knew that this possibly couldn't be
:iconbrightmott:Brightmott 159 17
(Human) Bill Cipher X Reader
   You had moved to Gravity Falls last autumn, and that's where you had met the notorious Bill Cipher. There he had made a deal with you, if you gave him a body to possess, he would protect you from all the creatures in Gravity Falls. Of course, not trusting him (or any monster) you had accepted the deal with him as long as you could choose the body he would have. Obviously annoyed that he couldn't steal your body then and there, he still agreed to your terms. It took awhile to find someone who you thought would be a good specimen for Bill. You had traveled a few towns over and eventually settled on a tall, lanky but built blond man. To as which Bill then stole his body. Yes, you did feel a tad guilty but since Bill wouldn't want any major harm to come to his new vessel the guilt eventually left you. Once Bill took over the mans body, he made a few alterations. The mans once crystal blue eyes turned demonic yellow. His new signature outfit included black slacks, shoes, (somet
:iconbrightmott:Brightmott 145 21
Blind!Reader x H!Freddy -Truly like an angel FLUFF
You were always blind....You don't know what you look like. But your best friend,Freddy Fazbear was always there for you to tell you that you're almost like an angel,only whit (H/C) hair. This made you gain feelings for him. He already told you what he looked like,even swearing on his siblings that he's honest. They still live so he must have been telling the truth. He had light brown hair,pale skin and sky blue eyes. You never saw him,but you knew that he was handsome.
"(Y/N)! Hi,love!" You heard Freddy's voice and you smiled. "Hiya!....Freddy?" "Yes? What is it,deary?" "How do I look like?" "Like an ang-" "I meant look-wise..." You didn't see it but you heard him huff a bit,signaling he frowned. In truth,he was only thinking how to describe you.
"Well,you have beatifull (H/C) hair,(E/C) eyes and (S/C). You're literally an angel to me,love. You have mesmerizing beauty. And you have a equally beatiful personality." He hugged you close stroking your hair and you hugged back. "Love....Do
:iconiceysaur:IceySaur 149 493
Human!Bill Cipher X Reader Part 8
    That morning you awoke with a yawn. Even with the blanket over you, it was cold. You reached out for the warmth of Bill, it might be that he rolled over in his sleep, if he did sleep after all. Your hand hit the wall over to your (left/right) and your eyes opened, adjusting to the brightness of light coming from the window across the room. There was nothing there but ruffled bedcovers. You sat up, looking around the room, wondering if Bill got up looked around, the spot where he was laying was still warm after all. Seeing nothing of the demon, you laid back down. Something brushed over your nose and your eyelids flew open yet again. Still nothing, but his bright yellow overcoat caught your eye. Rubbing your arms up and down, you reached for it, surely he wouldn't mind if I used it? You pulled one sleeve on, instantly smelling the scent of Bill. He smelled like pine and lemon... Weird.
    But either way, it reminded you of him. It wa
:iconshadster759:Shadster759 45 38
Human!Bill Cipher X Reader Part 5
~ YOUR P.O.V. ~
    Uhh... I- I don't know what to do!! Why is he doing this?? Does he really like me 'like that'?? I just--

    Hey Doll, you know I can read and invade your thoughts... right~?

    Heh. And yes, I might like you in 'that' way...
    At this point I opened my eyes and parted.
    "Uhh..." I stammered. He chuckled, his hand still cupped on my cheek.
    "What's wrong, Doll?" he asked. I just brushed it off as nothing when I heard the back door open.
    "Hey (Y/N)," My dad said as he carried a box of graham crackers and a few chocolate bars over to the fire pit. "Can you get the lawn chairs from the garage?" The lawn chairs, fire pit, I knew what was happening next.
    "I can help you if you want, (Y/N)."
:iconshadster759:Shadster759 52 7
Human!Bill Cipher X Reader Part 1
~ YOUR P.O.V. ~
    You sighed. Just another day in this boring old town. Lying in my bed, looking up at the ceiling. My stomach growled. I looked down to where the sound admitted from.
    "Yeesh, relax! I'll go get something to eat!" I said. I dragged myself downstairs. My legs felt like Jell-O. But my hunger overpowered that feeling. As soon as I got down the stairs, my mother greeted me.
    "Hi Sweetie, how are you?" She asked cheerfully.
    "I'm fine... Just a bit hungry." You opened the fridge. "Hmm..." Looking around, you found a part-red, part-yellow apple, washed it, and took it back to my room. You opened the door, ran in and flopped over on your bed. Laying stomach up, you took a bite. As you chewed, you hummed on of your favorite songs. Then the room you sat in started turning monochrome.
    'Oh, this again.' You thought. You heard a sinister laugh fill the air. You rolled your eyes.
:iconshadster759:Shadster759 91 5
Human!Bill Cipher X Reader || Christmas Cheer!!
    Little bits of snow fell from the sky as you walked along the side walk, even more snow crunching beneath your boots.
    "No way! I wouldn't eat a bug for anything, much less a bug on a shoe!!" You shrieked. Bill laughed.
    "Well, you were the one who asked me if I-"
    "Hey, I told you to never speak of that again!"
    "Haha, okay... So where is this place we're going?"
    "It's right around there!" You pointed to the end of the block. When you got there and turned, a breathtaking sight. Many Christmas lights lined a house in all colours; blue, green, red, white, purple, cyan, and many more.
    "Aw, this is awesome!" Bill said, his eyes glowing with wonder, "This is what humans do during this time of the year!?"
    "Yep! This house always has the best lights in the neighborhood, so I wanted to take you here for your first Christmas here!"
:iconshadster759:Shadster759 79 9
Human!Bill Cipher X Reader ONESHOT
    You didn't really have any plan for Thanksgiving. All your friends were out of town seeing distant family, your parents were visiting other relatives you kinda didn't want to see, and everyone else you hated. So in a nutshell, you and Bill were going to have to celebrate this holiday alone. Bill was always around anyways, so it wouldn't be much of a change from any other time. And since he was always with you, he had grown a not-so-small liking for you. You both shared these feelings.
    Since Bill wasn't really clear with human holidays and fun times, so when you mentioned then name of the holiday, he just made a confused face at you.
    "It's basically a holiday where you eat a lot of food and give thanks for everything you have."
    "Oh, okay! I can do that!" Bill exclaimed.
    "But first, what do you want for dinner?"
    "Uhh..." He paused and seemed to look right throu
:iconshadster759:Shadster759 134 100
Bill Cipher x reader: Pocky Game
Before you read this, I would just like to apologize about how much out of character Bill might be... q^q  First time with this guy-
Anyways, according to my sister, this is fluffly(?) ^^
Enjoy qwq

In the small town of Gravity Falls, not too far there was a house somewhere almost to the woods, there was a teenaged girl laying on her bed in her room, with her head at the edge upside down, her eyes glued to the TV in front of her was she pressed buttons on her controller. That girl was named ______.
Your eye slightly twitched, as the sound of muttering that was in the room started to become louder, making her more annoyed which was causing her to lose concentration on her game.
"Hehehehe!" The voiced giggled, more coming after each one.
You gritted your teeth, as the sound "Game Over" came from the TV. Finally more annoyed than ever, she shot up to a position to having to lean on her arms for support.
"Could you just leave?! You've been in my room for the past thr
:iconfrostsentry150:FrostSentry150 245 34


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