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KokoKiero Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
My first thoughts upon looking through this gallery is that it is rather small right now, and divided equally between black and white models and colorful abstract shots. I would say that your strengths definitely involve your pieces being thought-provoking. Your work with the models shows this outright, with the contrast between showing off the muscles and the photo being torn (showing weakness?) in "Untitled" and the struggles of human trafficking and eating disorders being tackled in the other two. Even in your abstract pieces this holds true. "Mindless Resuscitation" looks like a pair of lungs and the contrasting colours are quite unsettling. Coupled with the title, they bring uneasy topics to mind. The other two provoke curiosity, partly because of the interesting company they keep with the rest of the photos!

A weakness I would have to say is that these pictures might be a bit alien to viewers that are not familiar with the struggles portrayed or those who don't connect right away. Because of the bigger topics they handle and/or the openness to interpretation (in the case of the abstract pieces), I think that someone who was a bit distant going in to the gallery might feel a bit lost here and may find it harder to connect. Broadening your subject matter and emotional tones may help with this, or if you don't want to do that then perhaps simply exploring more ways to portray what you want to so that even if it's hit-and-miss, at least one of them may grab someone's attention.

I'm not familiar with particular photography techniques, but trying out things like multiple models, high contrast, natural vs. unnatural lighting, black and white vs. sepia vs. colour, different times of day, different animals or objects, scenery, and the like, and really branching out and trying a whole bunch of different things by picking and choosing the ones that appeal the most to you could definitely help you expand your horizons and broaden your skills.

My favourite works in this gallery so far are "Counting Calories" and "Mindless Resuscitation". Out of your model pieces "Counting Calories" grabs my attention first and foremost. "On Sale" I had to read the title and then click in further to see the barcode on her face, I thought it was simply a sticker or mark at first so it took some investigating to get involved.  "Untitled" also took some time to get into the piece after seeing the rip in the photo and then wondering about the story behind it. However in "Counting Calories" the model grabs my attention right away, and the tape measurer dropping from her mouth leads me to her hand and across her body and back instantly. The way you've cropped her face makes this even more intriguing and makes it seem to me like she's sickly almost, like the tape measurer is symbolizing purging as well as measuring. In "Mindless Resuscitation", as I've mentioned before, the contrasting colours as well as the darker pool of them in the middle looks a bit unsettling and also sickly, and the shapes remind me of a pair of lungs. Together with the title, they make me think of smoking or disease of some sort, perhaps a pair of lungs 'drowning' in an embalming fluid. This was the piece that caught my eye first upon looking through your gallery due to the bright colours.
I'm so sorry that this comment is so late, my sincere apologies.

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musicismylife78 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for your feedback!  I am definitely going to try to broaden my subject matter in my photography.  Thank you for your honest feedback!! :) 
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