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I toyed with titles for this piece for a really long time. 
Scared, terrified, shaking down to the core.
I'm so happy but sometimes can't sleep.
Encouraged, excited, ecstatic, elated...
Why I'm awake to stretch my legs,
Why my cur might pee in a U-Haul,
Why my anklet is unraveling,
Why I never want to cut my hair again,
Why I am who I am today,
Why I am a patriot,
Why I want to visit every town in this state,
Why I want to cry with my best friend,
Why I'm in love with the future,
Why I'm no longer glued to my past!
Why I'm out of bed in the morning,
Why I smile at every dirt road
If I keep walking
Down this naked walkway,
Naked myself, unknowing,
It will lead me to a door,
And doors lead to answers.
Girls in horror films always open the door,
Even if we tell them not to.
They're not stupid; they're real!
But I still wouldn't open the door..........
But you can.
Come!  And lead me to through gate after pergola after office after doorstep.
Open my chest, my lips, my tong
:iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 5 3
Mature content
Reflected in the Sauna :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 3 1
Untitled by musicismylife78 Untitled :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 1 0 Untitled by musicismylife78 Untitled :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 4 0
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Kitchen Sculpture :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 4 0
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Flowers From Daddy :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 5 3
In Pulse
This blood flowed up from the inferior vena cava-
From nowhere near the head.
This love I have for you stirred deeper,
And I suppose without thought.
Into the right atrium, the idea stirred.  
It flowed quickly through the tricuspid valve,
Without stopping,
Until the valve closes with a "lub"-
The origin shut off.
The right ventricle thrust up,
And we're breathing.
Back into the heart,
But this time we're left.
The left atrium allows the flow one more time.
We trickle through the mitral valve,
And the blood is for a moment sitting.
But then it's gone,
And the aortic valve slams with a "dup"...
With no more pulses to come,
I wish I could relive
So that I may never forget
though i know i never will
:iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 1 3
Untitled by musicismylife78 Untitled :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 5 0
Mature content
Blindfolded Hyperesthesia :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 1 0
Still Breathless
This life isn't ugly when all I can see is you.
It doesn't matter if I can't breath when your body pulses underneath me.
And it doesn't matter if I'm not okay when you're here;
I like to wash down my hydrocodone with a straight shot of vodka.
But it's not fair-what you did to me.
You say it's your fault but I want you to know that this never would have happened
Had I made you love me the way that I love you.
I would still be able to taste your freckles,
Burning under my icy tongue.
I could still feel your skin rise eagerly to meet my fingertips.
I will make your legs shake in pleasure
Until they cannot shake in fear.
You can't relapse
If I'm holding you above the water.
Your lips can't lie
If you're kissing me.
And I don't give a damn if they'd lie without me;
I only want you to lie with me.

Don't fucking make them.

Your figure in the doorway stole the air from my lungs
And you never came to give it back.
:iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 2 0
Capture by musicismylife78 Capture :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 6 3 Mindless Resuscitation by musicismylife78 Mindless Resuscitation :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 5 3 Untitled by musicismylife78 Untitled :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 9 0 Untitled by musicismylife78 Untitled :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 4 0 Time by musicismylife78 Time :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 3 3
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Shameless Tramp :iconmusicismylife78:musicismylife78 2 7


End Of Work by ArtofdanPhotography
Mature content
End Of Work :iconartofdanphotography:ArtofdanPhotography 317 2
Unity of Crayola by Angel-of-the-Dark12 Unity of Crayola :iconangel-of-the-dark12:Angel-of-the-Dark12 277 68
goddamn homosexual
My mom took a trip to Mexico
And stopped by a church to attend mass.
It was quaint, small and brightly colored,
So she went inside.
(She is Catholic and I am not.)
She knows Spanish, is practically fluent in it.
She knew, sitting in her pew, what the priest was saying
About those goddamn homosexuals
And their sin,
And how even the flames of hell
Were too good for them.
That there would be no tolerance from The Heavenly Father
Of their kind.
I had just come out to my mom less than a month before
"Yes… I like girls."
My hands had been shaking and my throat was tight,
Like my heart was stuck in it.
For a moment I wanted nothing more than to curl into a ball
And simply fade away.   
But mom smiled, pulled me into a hug, and said it was okay
And I knew it was.
Yet even if I hadn't confessed
Even if I weren't able to gather the strength,
I know she still would have walked out
Left behind those judgmental words,
Spewing from that judgmental man's lips.
It makes me wonder a
:iconfiagreen:FiaGreen 777 968
Young Dama Gazelle Backlit by Late Morning Sun by ryangallagherart Young Dama Gazelle Backlit by Late Morning Sun :iconryangallagherart:ryangallagherart 266 22 Diamond Wings by FurImmerUndEwig Diamond Wings :iconfurimmerundewig:FurImmerUndEwig 165 19 Prerow - Tour on the Darss 16 by MT-Photografien Prerow - Tour on the Darss 16 :iconmt-photografien:MT-Photografien 220 65 Path Between the Trees by Val-Faustino Path Between the Trees :iconval-faustino:Val-Faustino 107 10 Sunlit fields by Floreina-Photography Sunlit fields :iconfloreina-photography:Floreina-Photography 141 16 The rock arch in the sea by LinsenSchuss The rock arch in the sea :iconlinsenschuss:LinsenSchuss 1,276 79 Taking Advantage Of The Sun by ianwh
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Taking Advantage Of The Sun :iconianwh:ianwh 14 0
Lakeside View V by Aenea-Jones Lakeside View V :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 354 5 Animal Spirit by LTS16 Animal Spirit :iconlts16:LTS16 175 35 The Girl by LTS16 The Girl :iconlts16:LTS16 139 4 The Blue Room by AlessiaPelonzi The Blue Room :iconalessiapelonzi:AlessiaPelonzi 282 38
It's amazing- the
beautiful illusions that
we paint in our minds.
:iconj-amour:J-Amour 6 0
Mature content
happy returns :iconj-amour:J-Amour 4 1