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I Don't Belong (v.2)
I don't belong
to your world of smoke and steel.
To endless wars and fallen forests;
Pollution devouring anything on its path
and corruption lurking in every corner.
I roam this place of torment,
looking for a way home.
I haunt old antique shops,
praying that I find something
to take me far away.
An old mirror, a loose coin;
A dragon figurine or a brass ring.
I step into wardrobes
and visit abandoned homes,
searching, begging for a gateway.
I jump down rabbit holes
and dance in fairy rings.
My fingers turn dusty pages,
looking for a sign, a spell, a map.
I never find anything.
I look up at the sky
and plead with a broken voice
for wings to sprout from my back
and carry me far, far away
to where I truly belong;
To a different reality,
where dragons rule the sky;
their scales more beautiful
than planes could ever be.
Your world has no dragons.
I dream of a place where
elves enchant me with music
more beautiful than anything you'll ever hear,
and dwarves tell the best stories
or mythical
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I Don't Belong (v.1)
I don't belong
to this world of smoke and steel,
to endless wars and pollution
tearing the planet apart.
No, I belong elsewhere,
to the different stars.
To another reality
where my problems are not.
Somewhere between the pages,
where dragons rule the skies;
their scales more beautiful
than planes could ever be.
I belong to a place
of untouched forests
and unpolluted seas.
To a place where I can fly.
Here, I'm trapped.
Don't make me stay
in this life of torment
where I wither and cry,
as my wings are burned away.
Let me go home.
Down the rabbit hole or
through the dusty wardrobe.
To a place where stones can dance
and trees can wander.
Where anyone can be a hero.
Let me go back to
a warm hole in Bag End,
where Gandalf smokes a pipe
and Bilbo tells the best stories.
To Middle-Earth and Hogwarts;
the great Discworld and Krynn.
Where magic makes the life worth living,
and any dream can become reality.
There is no magic in this world.
I want to return to Wonderland;
the land where, no
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#094 - 22/04/16 by MusicIsMyLife7 #094 - 22/04/16 :iconmusicismylife7:MusicIsMyLife7 0 0 Dream Big by MusicIsMyLife7 Dream Big :iconmusicismylife7:MusicIsMyLife7 0 0
Don't Fear The Darkness
Susan sighed in relief as the credits rolled. She did not like horror movies. At all.
“Wasn’t so bad, eh?” she almost jumped when she heard Charlie’s voice right beside her ear. “Really cheap if you want my opinion. How did you find it, sis?”
The girl sent him a strained grin. “It was stupid.” She agreed. “The blood was obviously fake and the monster wasn’t even scary!”
“Liar…” A tiny voice in her head sung. “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”
“Welp, I’m going to bed. See ya tomorrow, Sue.” Her older brother stood up and left the living room.
“Goodnight, you dork.” Mentally rolling her eyes at Charlie’s silliness, Susan got up from the sofa and turned off the TV. With the screen’s light gone, the room was completely dark. Shivering involuntarily, the teen began to navigate her way through the darkness, trying to ignore the dark shapes that swi
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Legend of Drizzt: The Legend Returns - Chapter 5
When he appeared in a small valley a few miles from the battlefield, he almost choked on his first gulp of air. The air was fresh and cool, so different to that in Underdark... All the colours were so vibrant, so lively that he almost cried. He tried to make a shaky step forward, but fell down into the grass and, despite himself, he laughed.
After a few similar mishaps, he finally got used to having a living body, so he set out in the direction of the distant sounds of battle.
The goddess was right, as he soon found out. The sun didn't hurt his eyes, but he preferred to have his hood on, not to attract any unwanted attention. After walking for a bit, he even started to whistle a merry tune, but as the sounds of the battle grew nearer, he stopped whistling and quickened his pace, adrenaline already coursing through his veins. His heart was hammering itself out of his chest in ecstasy and anticipation, and a grin stretched on his lips as he ran.
Gods knew that those orcs were doomed.<
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  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: Dragonlance
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Hollow Knight and Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
  • Eating: Cupcakes
  • Drinking: Tea
If you guys don't know already, I can be found mainly on tumblr and discord, so seek me out there if you want to catch up.

Discord: Positive #2093


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16, female, asexual fantasy nerd powered by sugar and fanfiction.

I like elves, swords and elves with swords. Also dragons. And books. And books about dragons.


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