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He Is Not Deserving by MusicEasel He Is Not Deserving :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 3 13 A Broken Imagi-NATION - Ponysona by MusicEasel A Broken Imagi-NATION - Ponysona :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 4 12 Flavio Vargas/2p! Roma - WIP by MusicEasel Flavio Vargas/2p! Roma - WIP :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 0 15
Im Schatten der Sonne {APH/MLP Crossover}
It was early morning, the gentle and warm beams of golden sun peeking through the white curtains and into the spacey expanse of room that was the King's quarters. Silently creeping, the light found its way to the King's bed, illuminating the crisp, pure snow white sheets; which were slightly ruffled, showing its inhabitant had already awoken and left.
The King had been awake for hours now, standing out in the open air that ruffled his silver-white hair, leaning against the balcony's metal bars and gazing down upon the town, a small piece of an ever expanding kingdom, stretched out before him; beyond what he could see. Morning dew had spread across the lush fields of green over night, making it shine as if dotted with fine crystals when hit by the sun's beams. People were wakening now, bustling about as the King was watching them, all from his perch.
Children giggled sweetly, rushing about the town with untainted innocence and joy; grown people went about their morning routines, most ca
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 2 227
The Fae : An Original Poem
As the world endlessly rotates,
a single bird shall sing.
It's endless tunes are sweet to some,
to others it grows sour.
Notes cascading,
Forever they shall mourn,
a world that has grown bitter,
vile, though mostly
cold, to the bone.
It harms you with words,
laced with poison and hurt.
The stones nick you skin,
allowing sweet life blood to
fall to the earth.
You kneel before us,
before the old tree.
Begging for help,
for us to take mercy.
No one else of my kind,
offers a hand or a word.
But you, my sweet child,
are a pitiful bird.
So, I offer a hand,
invite you to dance.
Although you are human,
I will give you a chance.
For I am like you dear friend,
a ship lost at sea.
Although, you shall find peace,
as thou dance with those akin to me.
Come, take my hand,
let me lead you to a world unknown.
Where music and color and light all roam.
See, over there?
They flit about,
dancing on air with delicate wings.
Wings ma
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 1 0
I Speak, Therefore I Am : An Inspirational Poem
I am nothing.
I have no job nor a family that I may love.
I try to like it that way.
I am famous.
I have admirers and onlookers that adore me.
I simply wish I could be left alone.
I am plain.
I have no special skills or talents.
I want someone to notice me.
I am special.
I have endless talent.
I desire to be normal.
I am human.
I have control on the world around me.
I change the lands and seas.
I speak,
I speak against what I do not believe.
I speak against words which taint us with dirty lies.
I speak for what I believe in.
I speak for my own soul.
I speak, therefore; I am.

        ~A Broken Imagi-NATION
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 0 0
Flight (Theme #22 : Fly)
Ever since I was a simple hatchling, I yearned to fly.
I wished to spread my wings and soar high above the clouds, feel my feathers ruffle as air whipped through them; I wanted the freedom only the open sky could provide me, that would quench this killing thirst.
The woman who I currently call 'mother' told me that the urge was silly, that humans weren't born to fly.
But, I am not human.
Human blood does not run through my veins, I share nothing with these simple people; all I share is the useless form I am forever stuck in, a curse that will never be lifted from me. It separates me from my endless skies.
When I reach my hand out, I see the shadow of a mighty wing, rippling with feathers and strong avian muscles. My feet are abnormal as well, with toes slightly longer and more useful than a normal human's stubby digits; they are my talons.
The other children call me strange, because while they play normally, I climb tall trees and simply spread my arms. I am in tune with nature,
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 1 0
It's Complicated... by MusicEasel It's Complicated... :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 0 0 Middle School... by MusicEasel Middle School... :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 2 45
Confidence and Doubt : An Original Short Story
There was always this one kid on the playground. I don't remember their name or their gender; but I remember how they liked to pick on me. They had straight, black hair and dull, almost dead, grey eyes that gleamed with malice.
They would always push me off the swings, out of the line for the slide, even out of the sandbox and get sand into my eyes. They always said I wasn't wanted on the slides, the swings, or even the sandbox! That I would just be taking the chance to play from another kid who deserved it!
I told the teacher multiple times, but they never did anything about the kid on the playground. The teacher never even bat and eyelid when I cried because the big bully hurt me.
My parents had the same reaction; not even a glance when I yelled for them as they picked me up from kindergarten.
The big kid laughed at me all the time, a thick and slightly raspy giggle, it hurt my feelings a lot more than the little scrapes and bruises. One time the big kid even broke my arm w
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 1 7
That One Uncle.... by MusicEasel That One Uncle.... :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 4 5
Sweet Dreams... (Theme #10 : Mermaid)
I once knew a boy who was part fish...
He would lay out on the rocks by the shore; long, silky, dove white locks tied into two braids with bangs that framed his perfect and pale face, violet eyes gazing at me from behind long and dainty lashes.
His fishtail would flap against the rocks, violet and silver scales flashing when hit perfectly by the light. His arms had ridges of thick and hard membrane, perfectly designed to cut through the water he lived in, and his neck had three flaps of skin on each side; gills.
The boy's voice was lovely as well; sounding of the calm pools of water where he lounged on the rough sea-side rocks. He would sing when I came near, fluttering those thick lashes as his pink, supposedly soft, lips created a tapestry of words that could make the most talented singers green with unbridled envy.
But, when I told people about the fish-boy of the rocks, they denied the boy's existence; saying I had to 'get my head out of the clouds.'
Only four people truly b
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 1 0
My First 100 Theme Challenge!
I've decided to start a 100 theme challenge here! (Although I have fanfics I currently should work on...)
These will be quick little Hetalia One-shots! Links will be posted as they stories are; hopefully I can write these prompts well~!
1. Introduction [Status : Complete; You're Here!]
2. Magic [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
3. Fairy [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
4. Nymph [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
5. Fox [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
6. Cat [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
7. Wolf [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
8. Dragon [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
9. Panda [Status : Not Started ;---; Main Character(s) :---; Words :---]
10. Mermaid [Status : Complete;
:iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 1 0
Germania, Lucius, and Legolas Demotivational by MusicEasel Germania, Lucius, and Legolas Demotivational :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 4 14 I Got You, Idiot - Uncolored Ver. by MusicEasel I Got You, Idiot - Uncolored Ver. :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 1 12 Lumi/Lanni by MusicEasel Lumi/Lanni :iconmusiceasel:MusicEasel 3 376


Jekyll and Hyde Portraits by otherwise Jekyll and Hyde Portraits :iconotherwise:otherwise 1,611 58 i cant find any decent gerita fics help mi by dollsteeak i cant find any decent gerita fics help mi :icondollsteeak:dollsteeak 10 2 Good Mythical Morning by Cioccolatodorima Good Mythical Morning :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,965 218 Let's Talk About That! by Cioccolatodorima Let's Talk About That! :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,733 89 #193 The Powerpuff Girls by Picolo-kun #193 The Powerpuff Girls :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,601 314 Rinascita Chap 3 Demo by sabbybina
Mature content
Rinascita Chap 3 Demo :iconsabbybina:sabbybina 82 127
HetaRonpa by adricarra HetaRonpa :iconadricarra:adricarra 132 49
If the world stops spining
I want you
And only you
To know this one simple thing
I loved you

And if it doesn't?

Then I want the world to know
I still do
:iconbelfastchild357:belfastchild357 2 3
aph: monstertalia - haunted house by Rose-McSugar aph: monstertalia - haunted house :iconrose-mcsugar:Rose-McSugar 18 3 aph: monstertalia - OH GOD THIS WAS A BAD IDEA by Rose-McSugar aph: monstertalia - OH GOD THIS WAS A BAD IDEA :iconrose-mcsugar:Rose-McSugar 17 2
Mature content
You Can't Kill What Isn't There :iconsparxflame:SparxFlame 30 21
Pausing Base by Vocaloid-Bases Pausing Base :iconvocaloid-bases:Vocaloid-Bases 364 123 hetalia render } France and England 1 by Rendertalia hetalia render } France and England 1 :iconrendertalia:Rendertalia 5 0 Rainbow Mane Six by belfastchild357 Rainbow Mane Six :iconbelfastchild357:belfastchild357 1 42 Love Wins! by edwardsuoh13 Love Wins! :iconedwardsuoh13:edwardsuoh13 130 28 It's what I do, It's what I see by edwardsuoh13 It's what I do, It's what I see :iconedwardsuoh13:edwardsuoh13 161 11



Sorry for all the inactivity on this account lately, but I'm pretty much out of the DeviantArt community by now. My account on is really more of a focus to me now, so I'm only logged onto here every once in a blue moon.

Though I might check into here sometimes, I'm pretty much gone. So, I will bid you all a fond adieu and take my leave. It was fun while it lasted.

-MusicEasel/A Broken Imagi-NATION
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
{I own neither of my Profile Pictures! They were found off of Bing, so I can't credit the artists properly...}

Hello there, I'm MusicEasel; although I prefer to go by A Broken Imagi-NATION now-a-days, since I go by that on other sites and I can't change it here. I'm not very 'artsy' and I prefer to write; be it fanfiction (mostly) or an occasional original story.

I can be found on both YouTube and, so feel free to look me up if you want to; although beware the empty expanse of dead land that is my YouTube channel.

I'm not that sure of my writing capabilities; when I read a story written by myself it either seems to rushed, to slow, or to boring. But, who knows, I may be good at writing *shrugs* Still, I'm not against the idea of taking any Hetalia one-shot requests; just ask via Notes, give a prompt, and be patient. I might ask for something, but I more-often-than-not won't; so no worries.

Hetalia is my #1 Fandom, so it will be more Hetalia-centered around this page.

I ship a ton of ships from Hetalia; even some of the most 'crack'-tastic pairs, because, let's face it, some of these guys are just adorable with each other!

That's all for now, Auf Wiedersehen!
-Broken Imagi-NATION


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Hetalia Forever! by lilaclila Japan Switz Stamp by Julesie SuFin stamp by Julesie uuuoooooh by Soubixcos CAPE SWOOSH Stamp by Goldenfern Playing With Germany's Hand by nutmegandginge you spin me by pandalovesmilk Nothing's going to get meee!!! by lilaclila :thumb377016501: Stamp - Hetalia Fan by MJ-Kagamine Germany stamp 4 by veronica-the-fox Prussia/Germany -Brothers- by Skaylyt APH Germany Stamp by megumar APH Poland Stamp by megumar APH Romania Stamp by megumar Disco Pogo by UsagiGami

APH Confession: Love for all Nations by ChokorettoMilku Everything in this series is beautiful by ChokorettoMilku :thumb336375317: :thumb336375630: :thumb336376765: :thumb336376320:

Hetalia France Defender Stamp by FearlessLullaby

Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan

:thumb343020064: :thumb342969259: :thumb343025329: :thumb343020558: :thumb392916540::thumb392916522: :thumb392916513:

I Prefer UsUk as Family by World-Wide-Shipping I Prefer SwissLiech as Siblings by World-Wide-Shipping

Keep Calm and Make Pasta Not War by ChokorettoMilku Hetalia Stamp-Switzerland by Tyley-Brittany Hetalia Stamp-Austria by Tyley-Brittany


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