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Immortal Wishes- Ch.8
Opening a portal to the hospital much like last time I know probably isn’t the safest thing to do, but all 4 of us wanting to go it’s a must. We find our way to the nurses’ desk on Alexander’s floor and I can’t help but feel myself stiffen as I hear a code blue is in effect in Alexander’s room. I want to tell myself and the kids that it’s whomever he’s sharing a room with, but I paid for a private room. I hold the kids off and I watch as Cat comes our way.
“He’s alright for now, but he’s not of the woods. Magnus, we’ve done everything that we can and I even tried some magic last night and nothing it working. Right now I’d say pray and hope for the best.”
I nod my head as I hold back the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. I look at the children and then Cat as I ask, “Can we go in to see him?”
Cat seems conflicted before she nods, “He’s resting right now thankfully, but with
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Immortal Wishes Ch.7
Ch.7-Making Presents and Breakfast Talks
     We’ve been sitting around the coffee table with construction paper and other craft supplies splayed out. I watch as my boys draw and cut pieces of paper to glue back together. It’s kind of cute to watch the lil one's talk of which colors and what their ideas are for their art they’re making for Alec. When I finally call it quits an hour later the boys didn’t want to sleep in their room again. So to find myself wrapped around my 2 young boys is surprising hard thing to do without the feel of Alec doing so as well. I feel the tears fall from my eyes a little bit at a time.
    “Pa, when is daddy getting back home?”
    I take a deep breath to calm myself petting lil Blue’s hair, “I’m not sure, Blue, but I’m sure he’ll be home soon enough.”
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Mature content
Sterek- Deal with It :iconmusicdreams95:MusicDreams95 5 0
Sterek- I'm Not Paige
    Stiles’ POV
    “So, when are you going to tell Derek how you feel?” Scott asks me when he enters my room through my door, a rare occurrence for about anyone of the pack to do.
    I sigh as I look at my best friend as I jump to check my window, “Dude, what the hell?”
    “What? I’m tired of you looking like a kicked puppy when he doesn’t notice of your love puppy eyes? Plus, I’m tired of him giving you longing eyes when you’re not looking.” he sighs as he drops on my desk chair.
    I give him a look, “Derek, doesn’t have feelings for me he hates me… he might stomach me, but he doesn’t have romantic feelings for me.”
    Scott shrugs as he looks at his backpack that he had dropped at his feet, “So I had found an old yearbook from when Derek was 15.”
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Mature content
F*#! the Fates- Nagron :iconmusicdreams95:MusicDreams95 0 0
Immortal Wishes- Ch.6
Ch.6- Do Shadowhunters Need a Hospital
    We spend time trading stories than simply telling stories to the children of the adventures that we’ve enjoyed in our long life. We hear the stairs leading the apartment creek under feet and watch as Alec enters the apartment finally sighing when he sees we’re all awake, but I can tell it’s just a show. He’s happy to see that we have kept to our routine and that we’re the first faces he sees after his time out on patrol. As he makes his way over Alec gasps in pain placing his hand over his chest as he slowly makes his way to the ground, but then he makes an ungraceful plop to the ground where he doesn’t move.
    I race over trying to use magic to heal him as Cas helps. I know I’m freaking out so maybe my magic isn’t working right, but Alec I need him and no matter what it’ll always be like that.
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Immortal Wishes- Ch.5
Ch.5- Alec’s Patrol Night
    To think that I was stupid enough to let all of this happen. I should have made Alec go to the doctors or let me check his health in general, but no he had to be a pain in my butt like it was nothing.
    “Magnus, it’s nothing,” he shouts at me once again.
    I see Cass and Mel looking around the corner before they seem to sigh in their pain of watching this fight all over again.
    “Magnus it would not matter if we talked about my deal.”
    I send my sister a dirty look that simply told her to shut up and Alec looked a bit confused, but he didn’t push to ask any questions. It’s quiet and there’s no sound going from any of the rooms occupants until we hear the giggling and screeching of Alec and my 2 little boys coming back from their visit to the institute. Blue
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Immortal Wishes- Ch.4
Ch.4-  Surprises
    When we make it to the hospital all I can do is feel the emptiness inside. Ohh… How do I hate hospitals? So much death happens here than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Though Cas looks just about as sick and I’m sure she doesn’t avoid this place as much as I do.
    Alec looks around and doesn’t seem all that impressed, “Mundane hospitals…. Huh… It does seem a bit better than ours, but we have no need so much of this.”
    I chuckle glad that he doesn’t seem to care for these places, but his reasoning is a bit ridiculous.
    Cas chuckles as she looks at him, “Alec, your institute could use a lot of the equipment that’s in mundane hospitals, but you trust your runes far too much to heal any damage that has been done.”
    He nods his head as he loo
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Shadows We Make Ch.1
Ch.1- Coming Home
    I had to leave my brother when I was younger cause I was weak and my aunt was closer to the research center. When I started to get better i met a nice druid that had helped me understand why I was sick and such. I had ran off to Ireland with them promise that they would help me. I told them of my mother and her disease, FTD. I told them about my twin brother and I. Though Stiles and I are both covered in freckles we hardly look alike. I have our father’s green eyes though mine are darker almost like emeralds. That’s why my father calls me Jada instead of my given name of Cecylia. I’m not sure maybe cause when I was younger I was blind. I was blinded in an accident my mother had caused when her episodes had started. When my mother had come to she spent a lot of time trying to raise the money too help me that’s why I was at the center. Though before than I was very weak I had a lot of other
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Immortal Wishes- Ch.3
Ch.3- Sharing And Making Memories
I sigh as I watch the Lightwood siblings and their friends file into Alec and my apartment. I know it’s going to be a long day and I’m not one to deny a party, but with Cas being around don’t get a whole lot of alone time with my Nephilim. Though when Cas comes walking out of the spare bedroom wearing a form fitting tank dress with simple long necklace that looks like a locket is attached, she only has a single diamond and opal ring on her ring finger, and a set of opal earrings. Her long hair is pulled into a high ponytail, but she did leave herself some bangs probably too hide something from the looks of it. Her eyes are glamoured though I can tell that she hates every second of that.
“Oh wow, you must be Alec’s friends and family,”
“Who are you?” Jace asks a bit gruffly.
“Oh sweetie I could snap you in 2 before you could even say ahh,” my sister
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Immortal Wishes- Ch.2
Ch.2- Break Into My Heart
    It’s been a few days since we had ran into who I believe too be my sister at the restaurant and I smile gently as I stroke my fingers over the older photo. Though I think I have some old art pieces of Cassandra back when i first met her when i was rather young warlock and foolish. I sigh as I get off the couch not wanting to spend the day away from my fiance. He’d just pick on me for being clingy lately but that’s cause I’ve had a lot of thoughts on mortality lately and it’s not a fun thought when you're practically half demon and immortal while the one you seem to love more than anything is mortal and a shadowhunter. I smile as I enter our room too see Alec curled up with our lil blueberry. Alec hasn’t been feeling all that well lately and it scares me when he’s sick enough that he’ll just lie in bed. I always think of the worse. I climb into
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Immortal Wishes- Ch.1
Ch.1- Mortality 
    Too be known as something that people hate is something I grew up knowing very well. I was used to the distaste in eyes of those I fall in love with, but with that look in his eyes I just want to die. For once I started hating what I am. An immortal who has watched everyone that he has ever loved die. I never brought up how I felt with Alexander cause I’ve always been afraid of what he’d say. What will our relationship be like when he’s aging like any normal human being and I stay the same as I always will until hopefully I’m somehow killed. I know Alec will forever be in my heart and that’s what worries me. As I sit here alone in my loft I start to think what life would be like without the young shadowhunter by my side. How I wouldn’t see his expressions change and how I wouldn’t be able to hold him in my arms?
    I sigh and I hear a slight voi
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Comparisons- Destiel- SPN

Supernatural- Destiel
Castiel’s POV
    “I’m not mentally unstable for crying out loud cause I like other guys,” I scream at my ‘father’ not caring if my ‘siblings’ hear me. “This is the 21st century how many places in the world accept this kind of ‘sin.’ So if I was born with this sin then send me straight to hell I’ll see you there.”
    I feel a sting on my cheek as I’m knocked to the floor. I hear my brother, Gabe, shout at my father. I watch my brother push him away from me. Father is knocked to the floor himself and my brother yanks me up too my feet as he screams some more.
    I’m not sure how long it is until I’m pulled into my brother’s apartment glad none of his ‘friends’ are around. I sigh when I’m shoved to the couch as my
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Their Angels (Loki)- pt.5

Mira’s POV

     Ugh, I wake up and rub my head as I look around as I see 2 young children running around like maniacs. They’re shouting at each other. I end up laughing as I see a distressed Loki.
    “Love, is this funny?”
    “No, of course not, but you can’t help but too think they remind us of good old days as children.”
    “Yes, Thor and I used too be like this,” Loki answers as he looks down.
    “Loki, look at me look at our 2 children. They’re perfect the way they are.”
    “True, but you know one takes after Asgard and the other is after Giants. I can’t forgive myself for hiding this from them. How can I expect myself to be different from Odin.”
    I lau
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A Girl Named After A Flower (Dr. Who)- Pt. 3
To Say Goodbyes
    Calla’s POV
    As I look around the hospital as Gwen basically drags me in. As we enter the hospital. I’ve always hated them and now here I am in a hospital that gives off a creepy feeling.
    I sigh as Gwen leads me to the check in desk and then too the coma ward. As we walk inside I sigh as I sit at Cassie’s bedside.
    “Hey, it’s been awhile hasn’t it,” I joke, “I’m sorry that I haven’t come in  a while. It’s just I’ve been scared and after everything happened recently I’m not sure you’ll recognize me at all. I look completely different. I don’t think I recognize who I am these last few hours. I guess you would just see someone like a stranger at your bed side. Though it’s surprising I still have that annoying birthmark on my wrist that looks l
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A Girl Named After A Flower (Dr. Who)- Pt. 2
The Girl Named Calla
Doctor’s POV
    I was only tracking something that I was told was from Gallifrey. I didn’t expect to meet another Time Lord and not one so young she’s basically a hatchling in our terms not even a few hundred years old. The only reason I can tell is by the necklace around her neck and a small glint her her braclet. I had only gotten close though cause I saw a young woman faint in the road after ridding herself of a weeping angel. When I got close to her and the locket opened I saw her rejuvenate. It’s amazing seeing it happen with someone else. Though at first it’s sometimes like we lose a large part of who we are. We never seem to recognize who we become and soon we forget what we could have originally looked like. Though it’s easy after awhile it’s almost like a second nature to you.
    When she wakes up and opens her eyes she has heterochrom
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Helix Waltz Countdown by furicchin Helix Waltz Countdown :iconfuricchin:furicchin 79 11 Magda's entrance by Wanini Magda's entrance :iconwanini:Wanini 1,514 56 Morning by AkiZero1510 Morning :iconakizero1510:AkiZero1510 1,309 26 dead beauty by yaichino dead beauty :iconyaichino:yaichino 897 18 Red tulips by thefirebomb Red tulips :iconthefirebomb:thefirebomb 155 1 In the Name of Fire II by anikakinka In the Name of Fire II :iconanikakinka:anikakinka 827 15 Nasuki and Smik - Evil AU by Nasuki100 Nasuki and Smik - Evil AU :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 327 13 Let Fear Take Over by Undurchsichtig Let Fear Take Over :iconundurchsichtig:Undurchsichtig 114 4 Bedtime story by spider999now Bedtime story :iconspider999now:spider999now 153 27 sweet kiss by Nasuki100 sweet kiss :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 375 3 Hexennacht by AbigailLarson Hexennacht :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,456 30 Medusa by AbigailLarson Medusa :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 2,776 44 Suzuya by Sui-leabhan Suzuya :iconsui-leabhan:Sui-leabhan 128 6 Floating Castle by AkiMao Floating Castle :iconakimao:AkiMao 161 0 Anti social by Nerozhilai Anti social :iconnerozhilai:Nerozhilai 107 3 Cosmic Resonance by TomTC Cosmic Resonance :icontomtc:TomTC 1,681 71
I get that I have issues with grammar, but to whoever commented this on my story-

Guest chapter 3 . 36m ago
There are so many grammar mistakes that I will just give up on trying to undertand what's this story is all about.
Have you ever heard of comma? Punctuation?

If your going to start shit about someone's grammar check your own grammar and spelling before your post it. Plus if you have issues with it hold it in and exit out of the page. For how you wrote this you make it seem like I'm an elementary student. I have never had issues with my grammar enough that no one can follow my story. I'm not trying to start anything with anyone, but whoever wrote seriously needs to pull the fucking stick out of their ass. In this type of writing we need to be respectful towards each other and sure we can be blunt, but there's a difference between blunt and being asshole.

Sincerely from Annoyed Author,


P.S.- TO readers that have nothing to do with I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I needed to blow off some steam and hope that other people like this please realize that writing is a type of art that we wish to share amongst each other so when we see a comment we look forward to it hoping to hear from our readers. So please have some respect towards the authors and try not to sound like an asshole.


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I had a deviant accoutn before but I forgot to delete everything properly


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