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Lil Tag-along

By Musicalmutt2

Rufus is a very clingy runebab and will always be at Pascal's heels. If Pascal is at work or off doing something where Rufus can't go, he will be all over Mabel. I love him he's so cute :heart: :heart:

it's late why did i start drawing i need to sleeps now but- PASCAL IS 2 MONTHS OLD TODAY :heart: My boi! showin off some of his new upgrades before i went to bed~ 

+Color mixer: (added leg placements since his bottom half seemed a little plain) 2 months old+ 5 fullbody colored: 
+Add a color: (neck floof and tail tip) 2 months old + 10 fullbodies (points to the ones above and then adds 5 more) 
+Elegant tail tip:
wyngro+rainbow: An artist at work

+Horn stubs: 2 month age

his rattle horns will be growing in slowly :heart:

1 fullbody- 2
1 runebab- 1

3/307 Wyn 
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Lightningwolf710's avatar
Nice. I love the new colors on Pascal. :)
wittywerds's avatar
Looking more beast cuuuutee like by the minute~
Musicalmutt2's avatar
hehe thank yoouuuuuu xP
BloodhoundPreston's avatar
MidnightCollies's avatar
Ahhhh Rufus is such a cutie <3 I love his new upgrades!!
Musicalmutt2's avatar
Ahh thank you sis <3
chibitoothless234's avatar
He has horns now?! Hmmm I wonder what they'll look like soon plus the runebab is adorable
Musicalmutt2's avatar
Yup! He has the rattle horns but they're growing in slowly
chibitoothless234's avatar
The-Rootbeer-Queen's avatar
Awwww~ The little Runebab~

Pascal is growing into quite the handesome gro
CheruCheriPie's avatar
Musicalmutt2's avatar
Thank yooouuuu <3
CheruCheriPie's avatar
Nestly's avatar
Haha. Kudos to such an organized upgrade proof listing, omg. xD Brillliant! 

Pascal is the bestest. 8) SO CUTE as always. 
The red is so interesting, haha. I'm not used to it so it's very "whaaaaaaat". XD 
Musicalmutt2's avatar
ahh thank you~! >u<

I tested out soooo many colors for this guy and this was the final color that i was just like "yep a'ight this is it" I tried to ask for opinions but most of the ones i tried out I ended up not liking as much as the others did- so i went with mixes of what people wanted and I ended up with this nice purply red shade and I really enjoy it on him! I wanted something that wasn't already on his body, but didn't want it to stand out too much- I think i ended up with a nice medium >u<
Nestly's avatar
Oh man hahahah I wish I had more time to check the Wyngro channels! 

I actually really like that red, my critique, after looking at it for a while, I think is that the rest of his colors don't blend with it as well. If you wanna go for a more unified theme, you could always add in more of a purple tint to his darker browns. You could even make the accents a bit paler of a blue eventually tto fit in with a more muted, brown and purple look. Could be fun to play with! 

Pascal Suggestions by Nestly

I've been loving playing with colors after all these adopts, haha. XD 
Musicalmutt2's avatar
Oh wow that looks pretty cool! I do kinda like the way it clashes against his browns though for some reason it just seems to look nice to me despite the colors not blending but that's just me i guess x"D I've got weird tastes haha

I'll definitely keep that in mind if i play with his design more!
Nestly's avatar
Hahaha to each his own! XD But yeah colors are really fun to play with. :3
Musicalmutt2's avatar
Haha yeah, who knows i might end up changing the fur again since I'm indecisive all the time xD
Nestly's avatar
That's the beauty of Wyngro! ;D
SpiritOfTheLilys's avatar
once bluebell sees him she'll be like: wha why do we look so similar thats cool
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