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Coming soon!!!! by MusicalMeloetta Coming soon!!!! :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 1 2 3rd day of Christmas Presents by MusicalMeloetta 3rd day of Christmas Presents :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 2 1 2nd day of Christmas Presents by MusicalMeloetta 2nd day of Christmas Presents :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 4 0 Day 1 of the 25 days of Christmas Presents 2017 by MusicalMeloetta Day 1 of the 25 days of Christmas Presents 2017 :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 1 1
A Christmas to remember
It was Christmas day and Silver had nothing to do.All of her friends and Pokemon had ditched her for a Christmas party that was hosted by her Ex.She never wanted to be by him but she also didn’t want to be alone.
~Silver’s POV~
I decided to take a walk after all it was the only thing i could do.I guess spending Christmas alone again won’t be bad,it wasn’t the first time her friends ditched her Christmas.As I walked down the street I noticed that damn bastard.My Ex was standing right across the street at his house staring at me.I started to walk faster as he started to walk over to me.I broke into a full out sprint down the street as he chased after me.That damn bastard won’t leave me alone, we broke up years ago but after everything I still can’t face him without feeling anger.He broke up with me on CHRISTMAS DAY! I never forgave him and never will.I kept up in a full on sprint and it seemed as he was catching up.I kept running til I tr
:iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 1 2
Chihuahua Family Photo by MusicalMeloetta Chihuahua Family Photo :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 0 0
Love sprinkled throughout the land
A promising hope to some,
A dreading tale to others.
Some say i’m crazy to fall in love
And some say i’m a plain old idiot for love
But being crazy or a plain old idiot doesn’t mean i can’t fall for one
For once my heart tells me to fall for him even after its rejected many others
The ones i rejected find another while i’m left pondering.
The perfect one had left me so soon so i ponder.
Why does love leave one who wants them to stay?
Why take away love from their life?
How does one keep going without them?
That I ponder,for you see…
My love has been taken from me so soon
When he won’t come back to me
I presume,
I wished he could though...
But left buried in front of that stone plaque,
Thats where my love lies.
:iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 1 3
Levanny by MusicalMeloetta Levanny :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 3 0 Hamilton shipping meme by MusicalMeloetta Hamilton shipping meme :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 2 8 Musical and Aria by MusicalMeloetta Musical and Aria :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 0 0 TEC Fanart comic by MusicalMeloetta TEC Fanart comic :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 0 0
Pokemon Guardians Chapter 2 The test?
Charlotte’s Pov
We all lined up in front of Gaster,behind him was a water like dome with a maze.I was starting to be concerned when Gaster spoke.”Hello all.Now you’ve all signed up to be trained and use your guardian in a correct way.Now this is your first test and for some of you, your final test.” Gaster’s voiced boomed.The kids around me who once had a happy expression soon turned into a look of horror realizing we’d be risking our lives just to get into this academy.”To prove your worthiness you must complete this test without dying. If you die then you obviously fail.You all have 1 hour to complete this and if you don’t attempt it at all you will be taken home.” Gaster said with a stern voice.Everyone around looked terrified at their predicament.”Who’s going first.” Gaster asked.I sighed and walked forward,I heard gasps behind me as they were surprised someone was gonna do it.”Well even if I die,I’
:iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 0 0
Pokemon Guardians Chapter 1 New beginnings
A girl with Long pink hair laid sprawled across her bed,Her legs hung off of the side of the bed as she seemed fast asleep.A women open the door of the sleeping girl’s bedroom with an annoyed expression on her face.”Charlotte wake up! Or else you’ll be late!”The women yelled.The girl jolted up quickly.”Sorry mom!” Charlotte said.Her mother sighed and left the room to fix breakfast.”Crap! Crap! I’ve gotta get ready!” She said as she ran to the bathroom.She brushed her teeth and she pulled her hair up into long pigtails,She grabbed her supplies and quickly put it in her suitcase along with the rest of her clothing besides the ones she was gonna wear.She put on a casual white blouse,a medium length light pink skirt,white knee high socks, and black tennis shoes.She zipped up her suitcase and rushed down the stairs carrying it.Her mother stood in the kitchen platting her breakfast as she rushed in.”Here you go sweetie breakfast.
:iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 0 0
Celine Marcosa by MusicalMeloetta Celine Marcosa :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 1 0 Chessly Matthews by MusicalMeloetta Chessly Matthews :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 1 4 Petals in the Sun Nuzlocke cover! by MusicalMeloetta Petals in the Sun Nuzlocke cover! :iconmusicalmeloetta:MusicalMeloetta 0 0


Just like a doll by The-Smol-Bean Just like a doll :iconthe-smol-bean:The-Smol-Bean 8 2 Christmas In July: A Summer Romance by Lady-Kyndle Christmas In July: A Summer Romance :iconlady-kyndle:Lady-Kyndle 23 10 Three or Two? by Zerochan923600 Three or Two? :iconzerochan923600:Zerochan923600 260 53 Edds World Stickers by Feri-Marife Edds World Stickers :iconferi-marife:Feri-Marife 96 5 A Little Help by creamcake13 A Little Help :iconcreamcake13:creamcake13 96 9 Nalu: The Comeback by XEpicGameQuestsX Nalu: The Comeback :iconxepicgamequestsx:XEpicGameQuestsX 52 2 guess who got the incredibles 2 CD by maybelletea guess who got the incredibles 2 CD :iconmaybelletea:maybelletea 32 4 My Hero Daycare by viathatoneartist My Hero Daycare :iconviathatoneartist:viathatoneartist 20 12
Danganronpa- 70+ Unused Ultimate Talent List
:EDIT: Added some more on here as my brother and I came up with them. We're now at 50. Woohoo~
:EDIT 2: Even more added. ouo Also, see the little note at the end for another possibility, which is actually a slight spoiler for SDR2 as well. We're now at 55 (including the spoiler-ish one. 54 if not included)
:EDIT 3: After the Danganronpa 3 anime was announced, and the talents were revealed for the characters, I've edited the list, removed anything that is now canonically claimed, and added a few more to balance it out. Also, the "spoiler" one for SDR2 has been removed, as it's now canonically claimed as well, so.... don't worry about spoilers!
:EDIT 4: Effing hell, NDRV3. ;^; This list is near useless now. HOWEVER, considering there's a second Ultimate Detective in the NDRV3 cast..... I'm not getting rid of any of these YET. Okay?
:EDIT 5: Okay, time to remove NDRV3 ones!! And some of the taken talents I overlooked. Plus added some
:iconlyricstosilence:LyricstoSilence 179 115
America VS Britain by TamarinFrog America VS Britain :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 654 86 Thanks. by The-Smol-Bean Thanks. :iconthe-smol-bean:The-Smol-Bean 7 5 30 min painting exercises #2 by Chiakiro 30 min painting exercises #2 :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 412 51 Jet's Black Nuzlocke Ep062 by Zerochan923600 Jet's Black Nuzlocke Ep062 :iconzerochan923600:Zerochan923600 93 61 The TP House: 013 by Pachigirl1 The TP House: 013 :iconpachigirl1:Pachigirl1 5 0 Pride Month: Heterosexual Axel and Tessa by Lady-Kyndle Pride Month: Heterosexual Axel and Tessa :iconlady-kyndle:Lady-Kyndle 14 9 NuzRooke Sun - Ch. 1 - Page 7 by DragonwolfRooke NuzRooke Sun - Ch. 1 - Page 7 :icondragonwolfrooke:DragonwolfRooke 83 53



Today we lost a very great you tuber in the Toontown community. I Grew up watching his videos and him making me laugh when i was down. RandomToon or known as Micheal, you'll always live on in our hearts. I'll miss the chad and jimmy show as well as Duke Monty and your toon Kong. You're irreplaceable and I hope you enjoy Heaven. 
RIP Randomtoon/Micheal
Thank you for all your content while you were still on this earth
Considering When Murder Calls is not even done on the first chapter would you guys like it if i did it in parts considering the page amount? 10 pages in google docs rn
Coming soon!!!!
This story is one ive been working on for far to long and wanted to share this ;3

Made with DeviantArt muro
So I was right i have the flu but add on sinus infection and ear infection.. yeah im triple sick rn
Here we go 2017. Now did i hate it or love it? I definitely hated it mostly.
During 2017 i got roped into useless and pointless drama dividing myself away from the community for quite a bit. From May til heck i think December I barely talked with anyone in the community due to not wanting to be involved with anything. Now i've been quiet but i'm here and my art is improving and so is my writing. I'm proud to say chapter 1 of "When Murder Calls" is in production and i've been trying to write it. I've been focusing more on improving my writing more than i have my own tpi because i've been focusing on my career for the future in hopes i can make it as a writer. I've also being deal with real life problems such as both of my grandfathers ended up in the hospital this year. 
~This is all from me. Hope 2018 is better


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