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A group of boys walked into the gym.

"What the heck are we doing here?" One boy said

"The principle called us in here." Another boy said
So of the boys didn't know each other so they decided to introduce themselves.

"My name is Shawn." The boy said

"My name is Jeff." Another boy said

"I am his brother Jack I am a year older." The boy said

"I am Tyler nice to meet everyone." The say boy said

"So why are we here?" Shawn said

"I heard that they are planning to change the school to only girls." Jack said

"Does that mean we have to switch schools?" Jeff said

This left all of the boys in wonder of what might happen to them. Suddenly a voice
came over the loud speaker.

"This is Principle Rocker I called you boys here to explain what will happen.
Recently we have been planning changes to the school and I am going to tell you
what will happen. We are switching to a girls only school to get more federal
money. Don't worry boys you will still be part of the new school though."

All of the boys sat there wondering what he meant by still being part of the school
if it was going to be a girls school.

Suddenly they heard a sound that they realized were the doors of the gym being
closed.  Then the part of the ceiling began to open up and suddenly clothes
started to fall from it.

"What the… these are girl's clothes!" Shawn said

Shawn look up to see a fresh powdered and washed blue skirt fell into his hands
he watched as his pants suddenly became the skirt. And then suddenly his shirt
changed into a blouse as he felt his underwear turn into panties. He felt as his
hair grew longer then he felt as he lost his manhood and felt as it turned into a
vagina. He felt as his body shifted he felt as a bra formed around her chest
holding her now rapidly growing breasts. She felt her curves develop as her B-
cups bra filled out. Her hair grew two ties as she fell to her knees and started to

However more clothes were falling and more boys were turning into girls. Jeff
overcome with shock of his hair growing longer took off his shirt and pants to find
a bra and panties. Soon she fell as her breasts filled out her bra and she lost her
manhood and developed her new womanhood.

Jack watched as his pants suddenly transformed into a blue skirt the same type as
Shawn and Jeff. His hair grew longer as his hands shot down to cover his skirt out
of modesty. Then he felt as his underwear became panties and he felt a bra
develop on his chest. Finally he felt as his manhood inverted becoming her new
womanhood as her chest finished developing into a C-cup.

Finally Tyler looked over shocked at what was happening to the other boys now
girls. He looked down to see his shirt gaining a necktie  his hair grew longer and
he felt as his pants started to get girlier. He felt as his underwear shifted to
panties and a bra holding in his new B's. She felt as her manhood inverted and
became her new womanhood.

Soon all the boys were girls wearing schoolgirl uniforms consisting of a white
blouse and blue skirt. Since they were at the same school they had no need to
transfer schools. As the months went by they learned to be girls and how act like
them and realized that liked it more.

A few months later…

"Hey girls how are you doing?" Shawna said

"Heh heh we are doing really great." Jackie said

"I am also doing great hey big sis." Said Jennifer  

"I just went shopping with my mom it was nice." Taylor said

"How about after school we all go shopping for some new clothes you must all
look pretty under those clothes." Shawna said

"Can please stop talking like that I still feel uncomfortable with my body." Taylor

"I am fine with it aren't you Jennifer." Jackie said

"I love my body I look great."Jennifer said

"We should get to class we have some new classmate today."

They headed off to class to start their first day at school with their new classmates.
Something I have wanted to write for a while it based off of Boys to Schoolgirls TG [link] by :icontest-0
Making the Grades [link] by
Hope you like comment.
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Send me to this school

Musicallover1234's avatar

Yeah, I think a lot of people would like that haha.

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 All this simultaneous turnings make something from Twilight Zone! :omfg: But I´d like that some boy had been turned in a D or DD babe. ;P
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Well there is plenty of that out there, I don't really care all that much for the whole BE thing. I kind of feel that it is a bit unrealistic for stuff like that to happen.
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  Okay.No problem.  :peace:
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i love this story its pleasent and enjoyable
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pretty good im not that good
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Well thank you. I think you could be good if you wanted to write stories.
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in RL if this happened I think the former male students wouldn't stand for it. and the princabl;e wouldn't live through the day. after all there are some mean people in this world. I would only think of douing it, but I know that some people would do it.

well this has been done before. it is a good sory.
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Ok that makes sence. I think if it happened in real live it would be on all the news networks. "This just in school principle turns students in to girls." Something like that though it would be weird but kind of interesting.
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most would get sex changes. (yes girls can get that to be boys)
I wouldn't even if i wanted to be a boy again I wouldn't like to have that kind of surgery.
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Well if someone could do it like in the story you wouldn't need surgery. You would just go to a room and change your gender.
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indeed. that would be cool.
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This reminds me of a dream i had .___. except it was an american middle school lol
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Interesting dream. I would guess your right about it not being an American school but that doesn't mean it isn't. Oh, thanks for the add.
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I know, it's just not exactly explained, anyways you game me a good inspiration for my "American Schoolgirl" TG story :) and no probelm :)
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Well I am glad that I gave you some good inspiration for you're story. I hope it comes out to really good.
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