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Jack had just gotten into class and he was already bored. Jack was a little short
for his age and stood about 5 feet tall. He had green eyes and light brown hair.
He was also 17 and wore striped shirts and some khaki shorts. For the most part
he was just like any other teen just getting thought life. Right now he was in his
health class and his teacher was talking about the female.

"Why is she going on about the female body? The breasts are the best part." He though like most boys do.

As she went on about the female body he started to close his eyes from how
bored he was. He tried to fight it but in the end the sleep got him and his head
went down on the desk. His teacher went on a little longer about the female body
and then finally she switched and started to talk about the male body.
As his teacher looked out she saw Jack and the fact that he was sleeping. He
always seemed be sleeping or just bored. She was feed up plus he had been
know to say some things against woman she was determined to fix this and
maybe get him to wake up during her class. She looked over to the clock and
noticed that there was about 10 minutes left.  She walked over to Jim and
suddenly he started to change first his hair started to grow longer slowly losing
color as it grew.

His face started to grow more feminine as well as his body gaining more feminine touches. Suddenly Jack started to stir as he felt something on his chest followed by his groin.

He started to appear to go up a few inches as his breasts grew out to about B-
cups. At the same time he felt something he could not describe as his manhood
sucked in and her womanhood formed. Her hair reached it final length to about
mid back as another bit fell of the side of the desk. It also changed to complete
With only a few minutes left in class next her close started to change her striped
shirt started to grow down as it become more of a blouse. At the same time the
area around her neck split off and formed flaps in the front and back. As this
happened she felt two things press against her breasts and she felt them connect
to two straps to form her new bra. Next her shorts started to merge together as
her boxers changed to panties and her shorts become a blue skirt that dropped
down to about her knees.

Final she started to wake up just in time to hear the bell ring. She sat up and immediately felt different.

"What is this heaviness on my chest and why don't I feel anything down there." she thought

"What happened to me?!" she said out loud before her hands shot up at the recognition of her new girly voice.

"You're a girl now, that's what happened" her teacher said

Jackie as she thought of herself now wanted to go on more but noticed she was
late for class. She picked up her stuff and headed to her next class.
When she got there everyone was looking at her. She tried to act as if nothing
happened and the period went by with not many people appearing to care. Jackie
however was so nervous as she felt things most girls felt daily but guys never felt.
It felt like forever but eventually the class let out the first thing she went to was
the bathroom. At first she went to the boys' restroom before going to the girls'
one. She got in there and went again felting something a boy never would.
After that she went outside to the place she normal goes in between classes. She
still had the sailor uniform on embarrassing her more finally she called her mother
and explained the story eventually her mom picked her up. Over the next few days
she learned to be a girl even though people picked on her. One boy said she was
cute and if she wanted a boyfriend must of the harassment was like this. Some
girls on the other hand said she wasn't a real girl and didn't treat her like ones
when in places like the locker room.
As time went on she learned to be a girl and got use to it more. She even got
some girl friends who helped her to be a girl. About one month after most people
accepted her as a girl and she had grown to like it. It was now time for health
class again she did dose off for a few minutes but one of her friends woke her up.
She wouldn't want the teacher to see her even thou her approach to girl had
changed and her grades improved she still found the teacher and class boring.
Although this time she really wanted to learn about her body and what could
happen if she wasn't careful.
A request from*dustomega. It turned out kind of long to include everything he wanted. But I hope you like it.

He is the link to the pic [link]
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I think the coach was smart.
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Well, he did need a member on the team.
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Once you refered to Jack as Jim and you could be more descriptive; but then again I have little to no idea exactly when you wrote it! But not to shabby!
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I did maybe i will fix that. Thanks, i think i write better today thou.
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say what is this girl stuf that a boy wouldn't feel that she was feeling? it was in class and in the bathroom.
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It was the part about the general changes she was going though. Losing a penis and gaining a vagina that's the feeling. What do mean by in the class and in the bathroom. She changed in class but after she had to use the bathroom.
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oh I see. I have alwas wondered how difrent it felt to pee as a girl.
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I kind of do to. But I just wonder how things felt different compared to guys.
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yeah. I wonder if it would feel better though?
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I guess it depends on what you consider pleasurable. And that's different for everyone.
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yep. I would be curius about it.
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Too bad we can't find out.
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nice! i liked it ^^
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Thanks glad you did.
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