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So I've been reading a lot of zarla's stuff lately and what else is new lol and got interested in Star Control II, specifically the VUX, specifically-specifically ZEX. My brain quite happily latched on to yet another cute green alien who was exiled because I'm very predictable .: giggle :.  First I was just interested in knowing more, but then I got into reading fanfics and doodling and oh no this is A Thing now isn't it? Yeah a little bit hehe. He's surprisingly fun to draw! I've never drawn a species with a trunk before so it took a little getting used to, and I'm still working on the facial anatomy a bit, but at least chibis don't have to be too complicated hehe. I really like drawing his little tendril nubblings, as you can see in my doodle gallery, but a sleek tendril design is fun to work with too! Definitely a lot easier to move around with vectors owo; Speaking of that account, you can always see early uploads and sketched versions of digital art I make :3 Or even earlier on my doodle blog, so y'know ~Cross Promo Cross Promo~
I thought up this idea in two parts - part one was since ZEX's love/attraction/whatever you want to call it is generally unrequited, this calls for hanahaki! I've never drawn hanahaki before but I really love it as a concept, I should've done it with like....half my IZ cast back in the day if I'd known about it lol. But then the second thought was - wait, how would that even work, he has a trunk-mouth-nose thing. So cute silliness ensued. How the heck did those fit up there lol. Of course the first time I actually draw hanahaki it's not the angst that I love but rather adorable fanart lol
I had a lot of fun playing with vectors again >:3c They're definitely my favourite medium right now, especially since my laptop is dying a slow and painful death ;u; I can't really afford to doodle with my tablet these days since it'll shut off at random and Classic SAI has no autosave, whereas SAI2 does, and I can manipulate vectors with my trackpad :3cc And make something like this!! A whole little comic, with similar poses, and a cute little paper cutout style!! I love that kind of thing!! :D
Admiral ZEX/Star Control II © Stardock (maybe??)
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jadhsugahjja THIS IS SO CUTE AAAAA
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Thank you!! Bunny Emoji-73 (Wondering) [V4]  He's really fun to draw and I'm really happy with how this turned out :D
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