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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


MLP Nextgen Breeding Chart (Open)
I introduce to you the world's sloppiest looking Breeding Chart lmfao
I know it isn't quite that time for everyone (me included) yet but Happy New Year Everyone! I thought I'd post a breeding chart for the heck of it, get things started on a good note!

For this, I'll be using the base I have here:……

(it's more examples than the base it's self but you get the point lol)

To see some/more examples of designs I've made, you can look at my folder here:…

Each slot is $1, but if you spend an additional dollar I will add a cutie mark of your choice! 

Customs are also open for the same price! Just comment below or send a note with what you'd like. They can be of anything; it's not just for Nextgens.  
You can also let me know if you have any themes in mind for your nextgen or custom character(s) (I.e Butch/Femme, Goth/prep, Night/stars, certain colors, ect.) 

A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 (Taken by :icondicerxll2:) A-6 A-7 A-8 A-9
B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 (Taken by :iconcpninjagrrl:) B-6 B-7 B-8
C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-6 C-7 C-8
D-1 D-2 D-3 D-4 D-5 D-6 D-7 D-8 D-9
E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8 E-9
F-1 F-2 F-3 F-4 F-5 F-6 F-7 F-8 F-9
(Taken by :iconunicorn-mutual:) G-2 G-3 G-4 G-5 G-6 G-7 G-8 G-9
H-1 (Taken by :iconunicorn-mutual:) H-3 H-4 H-5 H-6 H-7 H-8 H-9
I-1 I-2 I-3 I-4 I-5 I-6 I-7 I-8 I-9
J-1 J-2 J-3 J-4 J-5 J-6 J-7 J-8 J-9


I will be updating the list as fast as I can! The number and letter will be replaced with "(Taken by :iconmusical-medic:)" With the icon of whoever bought them! 

:bulletred: First come, First Serve! 
:bulletorange: Please wait for my approval before sending any money
:bulletyellow: Paypal Only! Temporary paypal link is here, as my personal one's a bit messed up right now:
:bulletgreen: I will not be able to refund you once you pay. If you don't want the design anymore and want to give it to me, I can offer a drawing around or equal to the amount you payed for the adopt.
:bulletblue: Comment Klobear if you read the rules! 
You can trade, resell, return, and/or do whatever you would like with them afterwards. If you want to recolor them a bit, just ask and I'll probably be able to help!
:bulletpink: PLEASE tag and credit me as the creator of the design the first time you draw them! I'd love to see what you've done with them.

Patreon Banner
I wanted to remake the Patreon banner I had to update it! I thought I'd upload it since I liked how it came out so much. I also have one without the Patreon Logo here:

Find and Support my Patreon here:

Posted using PostyBirb
Please help this artist out and check out these cute babs! 
Valentine OTA by unicorn-mutual   OC for sale by unicorn-mutual
As time goes on, I feel the need to change the way I'm running this account and my "brand" as Musical-medic in general. All this time, I've been an art "Hobbyist," and while I've tried to get commissions in the past, I've never considered the possibility of being a Freelance artist a reality. While I've occasionally researched and dreamed about it, I haven't really wanted or been able to put the effort into becoming one. 
But, I'm changing that today. I'm going to take my art career a lot more seriously from this point on, and try to present myself in a more professional light. With that, there will be some changes to how I run things on here, as well as what I'm going to be doing in the future:

  • I will no longer accept points as a payment option. I've got 300+ right now that I have no idea what to do with and transferring/withdrawing my points is not an option with how long they take to process and the hassle it'd take to transfer them. Unless it's changed in the past few years, as the last time I did it I had to wait 2 weeks to be able to transfer my points over to my paypal balance.
    Since points are worth a lot less than money anyway and a lot of people dislike having to pay 100 points for 1 dollar's worth of something, I just feel it'd be a lot simpler to just stop accepting points at this point, especially since I have no practical way to use them and don't buy characters like I used to. 
  • I will also be revamping, reformatting, and simplifying my commission information. Even though it's a lot simpler than what it used to be, I do feel like I could simplify it more with little to no issue. 
  • Because of this, art trades will be limited and free art/requests won't be accepted from this point on. I will be posting a journal where I'll raffle one of each new commissions type (with a catch!) before I stop offering free art/requests for good. 
  • I will be focusing more on Quality rather than quantity with my art. Things that may have been submitted as deviations in the past will either be worked on more or be submitted as scraps! I will still be posting frequently and in my scraps, like i mentioned above, and will update you guys frequently.
  • Personal posts, such as rants, vents, general sillyness, TMI, ect. Will no longer be posted on here. However, I still will be reaching out from time to time there. Not everything platform I have will have these changes as well.  
  • I am looking into bi-weekly art streams. During these streams, I will work on the commissions that I either have at the moment or get while I am streaming. During these streams the commission prices will be PWYW, or Pay What You Want, and will be the only time (excluding sales) that my commissions will be that way from this point on. I have a slow computer that I'm not sure if I will be able to stream on, so this might not come to fruition. 
  • I will be updating and be active on a lot more platforms than I normally have been lately. My Art Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon are all live as of today! 
  • You can find the platforms I use and the more personal information about me and "non-professional" blogs here: Info and Where to Find Me! There's a link to this at the bottom of my bio on my page. 
  • Musical-medic as you know it will be overhauled. I'm in the process of changing things around as I post this.
    It won't be much of a visible change on here, but I will be revamping my tumblr art blog and twitter, as well as my Patreon. I will be tagging more often and doing other things to spread my art around for those to enjoy. 

Basically, the times of a 'lax, unprofessional ''I'm doing art for fun/a hobby and just beg for money whenever I need it" Musical-medic are no longer.
I of course will still be doing art for my enjoyment, and I have no intention of becoming a hard ass or unlikable by any means lol. But, I will be taking my art career and talents a lot more seriously than I have in the past, and I am attempting to be somewhat professional about it and market myself to a larger audience than I have right now. This is a social website, after all, and I will be trying to utilize it to the best of my abilities. 

So I found one of my old shipping lists and it was outdated as hell lmfao.

soooo, I will be updating it here. I like to use pics as references, so if i paste some in here that you dont' want or like, just let me know and I'll change/take them down. 
This reference is mainly for me to help me keep track of things, lol. It's also to let some of y'all know that I haven't forgotten about you lol.

This time I"m just focusing on the ones with other people. My brain can't focus on any more than that today cuz I have a LOT of personal ships (and I don't even want to think about the clusterfuck that's the nextgens and AURA+) 

Canon ships: 

Alouette x Bow Bell

sweet couple by Muserkikki Bow Bell and Alouette By Spiritreaper07 by Musical-Medic
Ahh I love these cuties ;v; 

Blood Sugar x Amaya x Dawning Melody
Getting Used To Things Pixel by Musical-Medic
Once again, adorable girls and love their GFs so MUCH

Bow Bell and Dawning Melody belong to :iconmuserkikki:Muserkikki

Ribbon Candy x Candy Elimination

Gentlemanly kiss Pixel by Musical-Medic

Ribbon Candy belongs to :iconwarhawk613: Warhawk613 

Jazzy x Benedict x Mochi

tumblr o3wdf4EFre1v9vy3so7 400 by Musical-Medic
With this one, I believe mochi is just with Benedict and not with Jazzy. 
Jeez jazzy why does your mom let you have two boyfriends *shot*

Proteus x "Zebra"

Grey x Orchid Rose

Rose Thorn x Estella x Red Moon
[OC] Tsun Tsun by chiickii
Once again, Rose thorn is just in a relationship with Estella right now. But yeah, lol.

Cherry heart x Creme de le Cafe

A non-AU coffee shop AU lmfao. 

Valeria x Tika

To copy what I said in my note to my friend about this "frickin superb you funky little couple lmfao"

Mochi, Proteus, Grey, Estella, Rose thorn, Cherry heart, and Tika all belong to :iconchiickii:chiickii

Crackships that I like (that are also dead and I don't want to put the pics in) :

Artemis x Dragonheart

I haven't rped MLP stuff in decades and never have you :iconaquatic-angel: BUT I STILL SHIP THEM AFKJSL;AJFKL
I also kinda ship Xar x Arty though I like them as friends (at least Brennt x Arty) a lot more. 

Selena x RADIO CAN'T STOP THE SHIPPING TRAIN BROTP 6EVER 4 LIFE :iconfritzyartcorner: FritzyArtCorner

(I"m 100% kidding fritzy I just couldn't resist lmfao) 



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Arrosa drawn by the amazing Captainbasch on Tumblr
Ferrand Icon by the wonderful :iconmikkun19:
Thank you for any Favorites, Llamas, and Watches, and you are welcome for the same!

Hello and thank you for visiting my page! My name is Khloe, and here you will find all the types of art I do for myself and others. I specialize in MLP (My Little Pony) but can also do Furries, Humans, animals, and other things as well! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

Here's a list of other places you can find my work:
Instagram: @ musical_mediic or…

If you'd like to know me a bit more about me, I have an about section here:


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