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The Martian : Sunset on mars

By Mushstone

Sunset on Mars is blue. In that moment, sky just looks like Earth.

After watch movie ‘The Martian

Overwhelming movie! :D

For more information :…
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What is this art style called and what did you use to do it? I.E to create this effect would

you use paint, pencil etc;

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I don't know what name this coloring method is called.
I think it's just a pretty universal way.
Please understand that this picture is drawn on a computer and cannot be written down in a specific way.
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Does look like that scene.  The movie was good, but enjoyed the book better.
Hey, can you upload the picture in higher resolution? I really want to print it as a wallpaper for my room!
Mushstone's avatar
I'm sorry to tell you, this illustration didn't drawn big size from the beginning.
Wait, isn't it possible to render it again in higher resolution? I mean something like at least 4K to print for a 4x3 meter wall.
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Well, Because it is a small illustration at first time so if you want a big size like 4x3 meter, it need to be redraw. If not, the pixels will look broken like mosaic.
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Amazing picture.
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And this was the scene after the airlock blew out, and the cold Martian atmosphere froze his spuds!  The movie was good but the book was far better.  Still, this scene says it all:  I'm stuck with no way home!
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I think so. I read original novel too and I love the first sentence. "I'm pretty much fucked." Haha
cullyferg2010's avatar
One of the best opening lines in a book!=P (Razz)  And there would be three reasons I would want to go to Mars:  Grow potatoes; file the first mining claim on the planet; and be the first person to die there.
Mushstone's avatar
Than you may carry some oils to make a fried potato. :D haha
cullyferg2010's avatar
Naw, dry fry them in an oven.  Or set them close to the nuclear power pod.
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Potato chips - Made in Mars. Nice!
cullyferg2010's avatar
How about Mars fries?
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Really, really love this. Its beautiful. It captures a strange sunset at a strange, yet somehow familiar, place. 
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Haha wow, Thank you! When NASA reveal Mars's pictures, It capture my heart :D
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Wow. This is just lovely, in a haunting, profound way. The stark contrasts in color along with the gradient coming outward from the sun make this feel larger than it actually is, just like a good landscape photo. Wonderfully done!
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Oh, Thank you for your comment  Airborne 
i love this. please reply my note
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I send you reply :D please check it.
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Finally some fanart for The Martian! I really like the attention to detail, the color palette, and overall this is a very good piece of artwork.
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Thank you! 'The Martian' is one of favorite movie and novel to me. ㅑI want to express 'The Martian''s charm Haha  
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