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Published: September 1, 2006

To all whom it may concern; yes, this is a rant.

I haven't been on at all this whole week.  just said fuck it, i need to get away from the net.  been in a slump lately with the photos, mostly due in part to some issues around the house.  it was quite a change having to hook up my machine again just to check emails and messages on da.  ahh da.  yes the amazing da.  i have started posting some stuff on a different site and its really brought into perspective the things i see on deviantart.  

you know people, this isnt fuckin myspace or some cheap knock-off.  i have seen tens of thousands of pages here on deviantart, and out of those pages, i have come across maybe a thousand that are actually good.  im tired of seeing stuff that is just "here is my cat fluffy" and "heres me and a friend in my car".  i mean seriously, what is that?  a snapshot of what?  does it express anything other then a moment in time?    the overwhelming snapshots i see here is really depressing.  the comments i see here, 99% are not even critiques!  i mean yea, you cant expect everyone to give a critique on each thing you see, but every now and then, you know?  there are people out there who really want to progress in their medium of choice.  

from what i see here, most people i've seen dont really care about what they post.  but thats just my own opinion, take it however you see fit.  

meh, whatever....  

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Psalm 28:7 "The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him."

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durosHobbyist Photographer
i fully love you for this, its so true... huzzah you win the internets
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The-DefinitionProfessional Photographer
why is your "proud christian" stamp linking to my mozilla account?
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MushroomMagic Photographer
oops, i used to have the mozilla stamp, but the link changed and i guess i lost the link along with the other lines of code. my apologies! :D
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The-DefinitionProfessional Photographer
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LeeAnneKortusProfessional Digital Artist
Although I am totally against any kind of 'MySpace' submissions on here...I would like to point out that Art is subjective, and also that you will find artists on here at different places in their artistic development.
Yes, snapshots are way under-used...I agree. Lord knows, people are too quick to :+fav: and not comment...good or bad. I admit to giving positive comments most of the time. It is how I am, I prefer to encourage the good and to try and criticize in a way that is very positive and encouraging. I understand what you are saying....but there are a LOT of great artists on here...lets give them the praise and encourage them.
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I've noticed a lot of people treating their DA accounts like myspace. :( Personally, if I have any snapshots to share, I put them in my journal. I know not everyone can do that, but even so, they could post them on photobucket and paste a link or something.

:shrug: I've often considered leaving DA. I've been with the site since 2003, and it has helped me grow as an artist (I put all of my older things in scraps as a reminder of progress ^^)... But I must say, I don't think some people want to get better at all.

*sigh* Anyway. I love your stop uploading shit (two cents! heh) picture. Caught my attention. ^^

And thank you for visiting my page... I really hope that you didn't find it as irritating as the ones you mentioned. ^^;
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GrungeTVProfessional General Artist
Thanks for visiting my page! :)
I agree with you about dA sometimes looking like a collection of 'Junk'!
If a potential artist/photographer browses dA and sees too much 'crap', it'll just put them off from signing up and displaying their work, which in turn will just leave more room for bland photos of kittens and drawings done by 5 year olds!
By the way, you have a nice gallery! :)
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MushroomMagic Photographer
thanks for everything :bow:
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GrungeTVProfessional General Artist
You're welcome :)
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Yeah, thats DA for you. I find it disrespectful that people treat this place as their personal junk dump. I know one girl who uses it to upload slutty pictures of herself so she can get attention from guys.

People dont take things seriously, and 90 percent or less dont know how to give a proper, enlightened opinion.

Its sad, yes, but I guess the rest of us must deal.
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MushroomMagic Photographer
i dont take things too seriously, just every now and then i just have to rant about what i see.
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semeuse Photographer
I agree - isn't that what the snap-shot category is for? I notice that nobody uses it for all the crap that comes along - or even scraps...and lots and lots of half-assed pencil doodles. Most of the 3D stuff is somewhat reasonable, I guess because some kind of effort has to be put into it besides click and "it's the back of my third best friend's head with a bunny." DA is an ART site, not a junk shop - take out the garbage or at least tell someone to clean up their room.
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Wow that sounded intense. Thanks for stopping by on my page and I'm crossing my fingers that Idon't fall too much into the crap side of things :| I am trying to improve, however I there are some crap photos on my page, they are there so people can see how I'm moving along.

As for comments I do wish that some one would come along and say something like, try less speed or try this type of film or you know something other than "That looks great". On the other hand any comment is a good comment at the moment at least then I kinda know what people like.

Bye for now
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photographiclustHobbyist Photographer
it's definitely true. browsing a gallery can be a bit of a hassle. but everyone has to have the right to do whatever... it's just sad that theres so many people out there who just shouldn't have a camera. found the funniest ad the other day... an hp camera that squeezes the middle of the photo so that miss overweight doesn't actually LOOK overweight in her photos. i laughed hard. anyways. thanks for dropping in on my gallery... hope it entertained you more than the 1000's of snapshots.
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claytutaj Traditional Artist
Ditto that!
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Amen brother, tell it like it is
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LadyLincolnHobbyist Writer
I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your thoughts on this journal... I am also pleased to know that I possess a DeviantArt page that has something that appeals to you. :heart:

I most certainly do not want DA to become another MySpace.
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SqueakingShoelessHobbyist Photographer
I get tired of the comments too sometimes. It's kind of a blessing and a curse now that the number of comments on my works have gone down so much.

What other site(s) are you on? I've been browsing around for some, but I've not yet found anything I'm really interested in. I thought about fredmiranda, but the professionals there are really very stuck-up and don't think that "non-pros" should be allowed to post there. And I'm giving Flickr another try, but I'm not impressed yet.

So give me ideas if you have any. :)
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i understand what you've said, but at the same time... there are some wonderful people, artisits, and art here. it might be a bit too mainstream to really benefit the burgeoning artist, but it's also not a technical or juried site, of course there's some chaff. that doesn't reduce the quality of the good works. then again, i seem to have irremovable rose-tinted glasses, so never mind me :) post your work where you feel it does the most for you, and screw anything and anyone else.
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flick25 Writer
what a rant.
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flick25 Writer
what a rant.
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