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Neil Ruzgar - Chapter 49
Chapter 49: Rainfall
The streets of Neppt were unpaved, as they had traditionally been in most Michuran cities for countless centuries, unlike in Subma, one of the few Michuran cities that wanted to embrace anything Warudan. Neppt was, in turn, far more foreign. It was odd what Michuran cities were and weren’t willing to take from Warudo; Subma, despite choosing to not pave its roads and with an increased amount of people insisting on speaking the Michuran language and living in the underwater domes, many of the buildings had been rebuilt with brick in the mainland style.
The early morning was very peaceful, with the almost eye-wrenching amount of blue being rather soothing for a change rather than overdone to their eyes. It had only been an hour since they’d woken that the morning air was broken by yells and shouts of excitement.
Neil and company made their way to the crowd, though they couldn’t push their way through at all-though Destral was tall enough to s
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 48
Chapter 48: Expedition (Day 2)
Tortoga, surprisingly enough, was awake before Neil was, despite the Emotion wizard being up until the earliest hours of morning. Neil was sure his body worked on a different sleep schedule than a human’s. Even stranger, though, was that he showed no sign whatsoever of any grogginess or exhaustion. He spent the morning practicing his magic while waiting for Neil, possibly in the hopes of attracting an elemental.
“Tort, why… no, how are you up so early?” Neil asked once he awoke. He noticed Tortoga right as he woke, and started talking before he even brushed his hair or shaved, and he was still in his undershirt, which was too small for him and rode up over his protruding torso.
Tortoga stared at him blankly for several minutes, and then went back to his spell casting. Neil stared back, impatiently waiting for an answer.
Neil grunted the beginning of a sentence, and Tortoga ceased his spells and began walking.
“Wait, T
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 47
Chapter 47: Expedition
Michael was ecstatic. He wasn't with Matka, but he was with the next best thing practically, a robot who could call her!
He had to be careful, though. He didn't want to be like Dian and make his feelings obvious to everyone. Besides, his crush on her aside, he desired to be partners with her in archaeology, or to at least be friends with her. He wondered how interested she would be in his organization.
"Hal, what do you suppose we do to find those elementals?"
Michael paused, and then added "How long do you suppose it will take to get through this jungle?"
Hal looked ahead of him blankly, his face conveying zero emotion.
"… If we move quickly, then perhaps two and a half days. Maybe. This includes time spent searching."
He really sounded like a robot, Michael though.
"Well, that's a decent amount of time, I suppose. Now what about getting those elementals out in the open and getting them to join us?"
"Remember what we were told. They're attracted to
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 46
Chapter 46: Neil, Destral, and Dian
Neil and Hal regrouped with the others, the psychic bored out of his skull.
"Hey, Neilly-boy!" shouted Destral, desperate to get back to his usual self. He slapped his friend on the back, which managed to get Neil out of his bored stupor. "What did you find out?"
"Yeah, what did you find out?" asked Eachtra eagerly.
"Only that people here are too damned serious," Neil said.
"Oh, like you're one to talk." Destral scoffed.
Neil sighed. He wished he still had his hat, to protect him from the sun.
"I'm kidding, really. We learned quite a bit about the flora and fauna of the jungles here. Hal can tell you all about it; it should be enough now to enter the forest. As soon as we pick up that Godforsaken man from the eye doctor's."
"Well, it may not be as soon as that," Eachtra said. "We all agreed on our teams, but we still have to argue with that thickheaded alchemist."
Eachtra folded his arms in thought.
"Really, for a Love alchemist, he's really q
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 45
Chapter 45: Teams
Arma stood outside, hands in his pockets. It had started to rain, and he realized he couldn't see very far ahead of him, and when he tried to, his vision blurred even more than it already had. He rubbed his eyes, thinking the rain was somehow the cause of it, but it did him no good.
He ran his fingers through his orange hair, which was beginning to get weighed down with the rainwater. Strands of his hair fell over his eyes, blurry in his field of vision.
I need glasses, he thought disdainfully. He tried to imagine himself with glasses, and then had to erase it when all he saw in his imagination was Destral's bespectacled face. He didn't want to see anything that would remind him of that awful brute. Even if he was good-looking.
A horrific thought came over him. What if Dian was in love with him?! It made so much sense!
He was enraged by the mere thought of it. Even if he had no proof, the way they acted-it was so obvious!
"Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit&
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 44
Chapter 44: Storm and Wind
Enterente slammed himself into the boat's wheel, feeling the wind and water already on the side of the boat, with Neil concentrating intently on on the storm winds.
He began to recall his own history classes, one lesson in particular lesson involving how, centuries ago when the mountainous regions on the coasts of Myopia were the only areas inhabited, a Wind psychic would always be put on ships to ensure safe passage. Neil's father told him that he was likely descended from one of these psychics on his mother's side; she'd been as good of a psychic as Neil.
But that wasn't enough to save her, now was it?
Neil froze.
No, dammit! Don't think about that sort of thing!
Neil pushed those wicked thoughts, those wicked feelings of sadness and longing, out of his brain and concentrated twice as hard as he had been, focusing wholly on the wind.
Dian was frightened, completely unsure of whether or not her basic magic was enough to control the lightning that was
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Ghost Town of my Youth Pt. 1
every day i live in the ghost town of my youth
and the town of my adulthood is nestled on the inside of it
i walk alone in the town of my adulthood
but i walk lonely in the ghost town of my youth.
there are multiple places
in the ghost town of my youth
places i have not visited in a long time
where spirits in another time are sitting down and eating
or walking around
or looking
or anything else
in the ghost town of my youth
many of the places i am familiar with now
were full of monsters and strangers
in the ghost town of my youth there is a hotel
that has not changed in five years
and sometimes i walk in and see the parade
and sometimes i want to cry
i walk alone in the town of my adulthood
but i walk lonely in the ghost town of my youth.
in the ghost town of my youth there is a hotel
and across from it is another one.
in there the parade is going on
but the parade isn't lonely and full of longing, nagging
and that hotel is not in the ghost town of my youth
there is a ghost to
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Ghost Town of my Youth Pt. 2
last night in my dreams i visited the ghost town of my youth.
it was a bustling place as it had once been.
and there i saw my friends and they convinced me to come back
and i woke and thought
perhaps i'll go back
but then i remembered that it wasn't so
that place will always be the ghost town of my youth
a place in space with invisible faces
and placeholder names for all the cases
once a bustling thriving place
now even i have abandoned it
last night in my dreams i visited the ghost town of my youth
and everyone was there
talking as if no one had left
i woke and almost went back, and then the overwhelming sadness
took hold instead
people lost and people found
who i think about every day
their spirits left in messages
in the ghost town of my youth's epitaphs
and perhaps some small part of me
way back in my brain
still is in the ghost town
still is speaking there
still is living there
and perhaps some small part of me
way down in my soul
wants to go back there
and dig it out of its hole
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 43
Chapter 43: Boat
"I can't believe you, Neil! I wouldn't expect you to act this way. Hal's waiting for us at the lab, and I bet Matka is getting impatient with us…"
Lespi's normally soft-spoken demeanor got angrier when Neil said he had indeed found someone they could talk to about the elementals. But nothing was stopping Neil; they were already on the doorstep of a fairly run-down house, allegedly housing the expert on elementals that Neil sought out. Destral was none to happy about it, but Lespi and Arma were voicing their distaste for it even more than he was.
"Calm down, all of you. Considering how much happened yesterday I think Matka is still analyzing Hal's memories."
He thought about the street brawl and shuddered.
Arma groaned. "So you expect us to go into the house of some disheveled conspiracy theorist-"
The door opened as Arma was talking. In the doorframe was a woman Matka's age, wearing a pink and blue dress that made her look like a piece of candy. Her hair
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Ghost Town of my Youth Pt. 3
strange as it sounds and strange as it seems
i know i met you again in a dream
through the spiraling tunnel of time
we met in many, many a lifetime
you spoke as if we'd never seen
like a late night fever dream
you don't know who i am
but i know you, lord i know you
as a child we met in a land
where i could shape things by hand
in my dreams and daily games
you were there but always the same
we met again in another time
you didn't remember but i remembered you
you still talk a bit the same
but the words are different and so are the names
"hello how are you" i read you say
and i remember the long-ago day
you lived in the ghost town of my youth
you and i talked in the ghost town of my youth
back before it was a ghost town of my youth
you and i were neighbors in a ghost town of my youth
and now you and i meet again
i hope you move in and we can be friends
but if not we can meet again
across the horizon in the wild blue sky
you lived in the ghost town of my youth
you and i talked in the ghos
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 42
Chapter 42: Mirages
"Absolutely perfect," Gimble repeated. "Soon, I won't need these elementals anymore."
"What are you babbling about?" Neil asked calmly, yet still angrily.
"That mirage! The one you blew away?" she exclaimed blissfully.
She snapped her whip on the ground, and then snapped it towards Neil, where it roped around him. His hat was laying in the sand. "My Illusion magic… it's getting better, getting stronger. My employer says I'm doing my job so well."
Neil tried to escape from the ropes, and managed to get his torso untied-only to realize her magic whip had bound his wrists together too, and painfully at that. His duster coat brushed slightly against the sand dunes, his coat and feet kicking up granules of sand as he walked.
"You mean recruiting people for your petty band of thieves?"
"Yes! Of course!"
"Then why are you so busy attempting to kidnap Hal?"
"You mean the robot boy?"
"And how did you know he wasn't human, anyway?"
"Didn't I explain this already
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 41
Chapter 41: Desert
"Quick, quick, he's coming back!"
Neil shoved Tortoga's present in his pockets as they saw the mute. The four of them had felt better almost instantly as they'd started working on the gift, all of them laughing like schoolgirls as they did.
Tortoga was walking towards them, holding a bull by the reins, which was attached to a large, dark yellow caravan. He pointed to it.
"Great job, Tort!" yelled Eachtra. "I wanna check it out!"
He sprinted into the caravan, with Neil, Lespi, and Hal following.
The inside of the caravan had a small kitchen, a small bathroom, and a reasonably spacious living room area, where they would have to sleep if the need arose. There were two couches bolted to the floor, and Eachtra was already fighting over who got a couch with Hal and Lespi. Tortoga informed Neil that he wanted the floor.
"What will we do with it once we get back to Uran, though?" said Lespi after a game of rock-paper-scissors had ended with Eachtra on the floor while
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Neil Ruzgar: Chapter 40
Chapter 40: Interlude with Zomyata, followed by Neil
The mummy lay well and truly dead, as it was meant to be on the sandy floor.
"That would look awfully nice in the museum, eh, Chrichton?"
He realized he didn't have a museum in Uran. Why, that was almost criminal!
He remembered after his thought that one of his top men, a Mr. Loam, also had a wizard puppet, his in the form of three chimera skulls. He had said he was going on a trip to the islands; perhaps he was nearby.
Michael took out his withered puppet handbook he had taken from the ruin he had found Chrichton at, and as he guessed, it was possible to send messages from puppet to puppet.
He kneeled down to Chrichton, ripping a sheet of paper from his notebook and grabbing a pen.
"Dear Mr. Loam-
Do not ask any questions right now about my puppet; they can be answered later.
We absolutely must open a museum in Uran, the largest city on Haruka. I have found a wealth of history in just one ruin and the island is coated in them
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Just like old times, my buddy
Just like old times, my buddy
Just like the time before
Just like old times, my buddy
Just where did the years go?
Remember going through the thrift shop
We found a good find there
Remember going your house every day
We had some good times there
So hey, my buddy, can't we do it again?
We're still friends and not much has changed
I miss you, my buddy, and you miss me too
So hey, hey, buddy, one of my best friends
I just wanna say that I have many regrets
And a lot of them concern you
I wish I hadn't abandoned you halfway through school
Cause the people I found weren't half as good as you
You always knew how to treat a friend good
Not a day goes by I don't wish you had stayed
I'm glad we still get to talk
I wish we had more time to do the things I wish we could do
All the games we still haven't played
All the things we still haven't read
The band we liked so much has released two new albums since
Just like old times, my buddy, we can listen to it again
I miss the old times, my buddy
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Chapter 39: Yungul
Chapter 39: Yüngül
Michael panicked. The sand had reached his ankles already, and it was too distracting. He went back over to the chest and tried putting a stone on the switch, hoping it would stop the flow of sand. It didn't work; only the idol could stop the sand. But he was determined to get it out of the temple or die trying; it was too important of an artifact.
The sand was piling up again. It was getting difficult to move.
"R-Rock Metamorphosis," he cast shakily. This was his first try to get out of here-and magic was probably his best bet. The spell was meant to change a rock into a different kind, and had been useful to him many times.
But here it did not seem to work. There was powerful magic sealing the door, and it would take insanely strong magic to unseal it. And he had a time limit to figure that out before he suffocated.
He had it. It had been the first spell of 'High Earth Magic'-the strongest, most high-level spells in this class-that he had ever lear
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Neil Ruzgar - Chapter 38
Chapter 38: Ruins, City, Library
After some time, Hal opened his mouth, took a deep breath, and suggested "Is there a downtown area in this city? That sounds like it might be fun."
"Um, Hal, in case you didn't notice, we're not from Uran, so I doubt we would know," Lespi said, folding his arms across his chest.
"We could go out into the desert!" Eachtra suggested. "There's supposed to be all kinds of interesting people out there... animals, too. And ruins."
"Do you want to do that, Hal?" Neil asked softly.
"I'm a city boy," Hal shrugged. "So let's have a good time in town first before we consider heading out into the desert."
Hal looked around and went up to a man wearing a suit, his jacket hanging off his arm from the heat.
"Excuse me. Do you know where the downtown area is in this city?"
"... I wouldn't really know, son, sorry."
Hal felt stupid. The gentleman certainly didn't look like he lived in Uran; he had to find someone who looked less like Neil.
He looked and saw two me
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I'm pretty happy with my life right now. 
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