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Jake Updegrove
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am an artist, I love all art... even gratuitous art because if someone can't appreciate it others will. My name is Jake, I love to express my mind and talk to people. I go to Eastern Washington University, and I am majoring in psychology. I love the mind most of all, art comes when the mind is mastered within. I am very intriguing and I have a lot to say. I am not afraid to critique and I will probably favorite a lot of art, more than others. I hope I can reach you on the level that I live by. I also play guitar, write music, and skateboard. If you want to know anymore, just ask.
  • Listening to: Atmosphere - Scapegoat
  • Reading: The "Kybalion", and "The Healer's M
  • Watching: Nothing, I don't watch TV
  • Drinking: Mt.Dew
Jake Updegrove
Psychic Paper…

Parapsychology, science, and spirituality comingle in this educational argument about the existence of energy uncompromised through the infinite and how it can be implemented into education. This precursor to science can actually alter and or diminished the existence of these ailments, without the use of medicine. As the majority of the population knows, the basic fundamentals of reality are far from being known. There is a so-called "force" that we use everyday, and yet, we are unaware of its existence. It is what Tibetans call Inner Chi. This Inner Chi, when harnessed under the right settings, can give the user incredible supernatural powers that have been documented in research and in martial arts. Only those who whole-heartedly believe are able to use this energy. Those who are skeptic are not able to unlock this power. On that note, this so-called "power" "Qi" "Prana" is nothing more than energy from the universe in different forms. Through meditation and enlightenment, any human being can attain this power, and can also use this power for psychic healing. The implementation of psychic healing, psychic research, parapsychology, mysticism, and spirituality in education is absolutely essential because it will revolutionize our methods of healing, outlooks on life, unanswered paradigms, views on science, using the mental, and accepting these forms of spirituality as science, without resorting to conventional means of medications, surgery, proof, and other beliefs of what is, as well as psychic healing. As opposed to medicines that will make the healing process unbearable and longer.

The implication of psychic healing in education will change our health in a positive way. If we are all taught how to heal ourselves psychically, healthcare will be more or less bankrupt. "Everybody's psychic" said Maggie Blackman, public relations and media specialist for the Rhine Institute, "and we look at psychic ability as creativity like drawing." Although some people can metaphorically draw better than others, the ability is still universal with every human being. So if psychic ability is quite like figuratively learning how to draw why shouldn't it be implemented in schools as at least an art form? There is nothing in psychic research that actually will hurt anyone, so what exactly is keeping us from knowing this. There is a very small fraction of mental facilities devoted to psychic healing. This contributes to us spending large amounts of money on healthcare, when it is not needed. Not to mention, some of the medications that are given to patients on a routine basis are not exactly curing them, but only suppressing their ailment, which in turn, gives the healthcare system more opportunities to take money out of the pockets of hardworking U.S. citizens.
Psychic healing is underfunded in the healthcare system. "There is a huge need for basic research, said Broughton the institutes director, "it's so poorly funded." Most won't fund it because they are skeptical of all of it. This skepticism is an issue in society because even though it has been documented, the Government in many aspects, is still dismissing this idea. The laws of the universe only respond to believers, this belief is so incredibly powerful. These laws are only perceived by those who believe, as for the rest of the non-believers and skeptics it means absolutely nothing because there will never be proof. Unless a manifestation of a physical object was made that registers on the physical, astral, and etheric planes of existence, all at once. Then the phenomenon could then be proved by science.
Through parapsychology and metaphysics we come to understand certain methods that evoke this healing state. One method consists of a series of steps to attain prime healing. These steps include: "relaxation, engaging the conscious mind, demand, waiting, tension, and release (Shiah 1)." These methods are the product of wisdom from the seven basic hermetic principles. The supernatural powers that are often times exerted during a healing session are attained through these principles. These principles include: The principle of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender.
The principle of mentalism states, "The all is mind; the universe is mental (World Priest) (14)." Matter is nothing more than energy to be manipulated and or changed. For nothing is the same but it is always in constant motion, which causes it to change. This energy to which I speak of, is within everything we see. When you are able to understand this principle of hermetics you may be able to start healing people with the power of your mind. Because you are able to manipulate the reality within the universe, you will be able to perform daunting tasks such as healing. The next principle is said to be the most important.
The principle of correspondence is said to, "pry aside the obstacles which hid view from the unknown (World Priests) (16)." The unknown I speak of is what the human eye is not able to perceive unless with practice and meditation. These practices consist of opening the third-eye, and calling upon a spirit guide to help. This is not Wiccan, Pagan, or the occult. This enables you to perceive the astral plane and do supernatural phenomenon, such as healing. The idea behind this principle is by prying aside obstacles, which hide the view of the unknown; you are taking energy from nature to help you. This next principle also helps healing and psychic phenomenon.
The principle of vibration states, "everything moves; everything vibrates, and nothing is at rest (Kybalion) (16)." This vibrating energy is a certain frequency and different amongst every living and inanimate object. Humans have higher frequencies than inanimate objects because we are said to absorb more light. This light energy can actually be used to heal people with ailments or injuries. By sending large amounts of prana, qi, or chi, into the patients so that the energy can work through the patient's body and eventually heal them.
This next principle is merely a guide to the unknown.
The principle of polarity embodies the truth that "everything is dual (Kybalion) (17)." There is always a duality of matter or the two poles. This duality consists of the knowledge that this exists and therefore can be manipulated. Similar to breathing, rhythm is the fourth hermetic principle.
The principle of rhythm dictates, "everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing t the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates (Kybalion) (18)." This explains the rhythm of energy in things. When we breathe we are taking in not only air, but also "energy". This influx and outflux of energy can actually aid us in healing. This practice reiterates past examples of methods towards healing--relaxation and release. When we understand rhythm and vibration we can then see it with practice. When we are able to see this, we can see the different frequencies in people and thereby use similar rhythmic vibrations of energy to heal the patient. Using his or her energy is the most effective, for no one has the same exact energy it can always be matched though. The next principle is the examples of cause and effect.
"Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law (Kybalion) (19)." If you cause matter to be changed into something usable for healing, the effect is the patient gives full permission and thereby gives free willing their permission for healing. This effect channels specific energy from the universe to use the psychic healer as an energy post. There is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens according to attraction. It is not a coincidence that the healer actually heals the patient without surgery or the use of medication. Science has mainly condemned these ideas because there is no viable truth, that truth is what separates science and spirituality.
The truth of the matter is that matter is nothing more than energy, unseen by the human eyes. We can't let this fear of the unknown control our research or funding. We cannot progress in this field without proper funding and through implementation into education; we may revolutionize the ramifications of science and spirituality and eventually merge the two. Speaking of education, studies from DUKE University apply parapsychology, spirituality, psychic research, and mysticism, as a designated center for individuals with psychic abilities.
DUKE University embodies certain paranormal phenomenon and allows it to be the basis for their studies. There is a specific wing of DUKE University that deals with parapsychology and psychic research. Founded by Joseph Bank Rhine and his wife, which dedicated a specific wing of research to this. This institute was known as the Rhine Institute, which specialized in parapsychology and psychic phenomenon. The Rhine Research Center "publishes The Journal of Parapsychology four times a year and conducts a summer studies program for college students and professionals interested in the field." And yet this wonderful institute gets little to no media coverage or even being acknowledged as a viable scientific phenomenon. In fact it receives a significant amount of controversy with science. Although the controversy seems daunting, in spite of disbelief and controversy there are some that believe parapsychology is a science. This individual John Palmer, a senior researcher at the Rhine's Center, gives open testimonial that this phenomenon is real and he overtly believes.
The biggest problem is in many cases this phenomenon is not repeatable hence why scientific communities, institutes, and scientists won't completely accept parapsychology and psychic research as science. The phenomenon must be able to be replicated every single time in order to become a true science. But that doesn't stop researchers and college students. They continue to delve deep into these complex ideas of life and energies in the universe. These individuals are completely devoted to proving this phenomenon is in fact, a science.
One basic design depicting a telepathic experiment consisting of notepads and individuals with pencils, where the individuals would think of the object being telepathically transplanted between different individuals. Only before the leader would think of an object and visualize that idea and manifest it on the notepad in the form of a doodle. Any other individual in the circle couldn't see the doodle. "The receivers" who were completely out of view of the drawing and yet kept visualizing boats. Every individual in the circle, except the skeptic, drew boats. Which undoubtedly was exactly what the leader was telepathically beaming. This experiment by Joseph Bank Rhine and his family was far more than a game. It started a whole new dazzling form of research to be implemented in the future. I for one have done my own experimentation on this psychic phenomenon. I asked my friend Jeff to tell me what I had astrally placed on his head through telepathy after I had manifested the idea in my head and scanned it into one from of physical reality. Like with Rhine's experiment, Jeffrey had actually guessed what I had placed on his head four out of the five times attempted. We would switch off leaders and receivers and vice versa, so that we each had a chance to guess what the other had placed on one's head. I for one was considerably more advanced with my skills so it became harder to guess what Jeffrey would place on my head due to his lack of experience but the result were as Rhine had stated, "dazzling and bewildering." This experimentation actually then evolves and transformed into forms of healing. When Jeffrey would be feeling dim, dull, a headache, pain, or any kind of physical or mental discomfort, I would look at him through my astral lens and see his problem and immediately extract the energy. The results were spellbinding, he instantaneously noticed a major difference. He couldn't believe he actually had the discomfort in the first place. These experiments were similar to Rhine's experiments with telepathy.
While Rhine not only founded the Parapsychology wing at DUKE University, he also tested hot waters in the science realm with his experiments. He was so committed to proving this phenomenon and extra-sensory perception. "But even carefully controlled studies of telepathy yield inconsistent, one of the many of J.B. Rhine's challenges. Although this phenomenon can't be proved using conventional scientific techniques, why is it that it's not included in curricular academic programs, At least by choice if nothing else? I have no doubt this program would interest even the most skeptical of individuals. What is it that is keeping us from knowing this information or even being exposed to this phenomenon? I believe it's through the construct of society attempting to keeping us grounded in the system. DUKE University is a prime example of a prestigious university that funds these programs and whole-heartedly believes in this phenomenon, in spite of mass criticism.
So if the mind is the mental, and the universe is mental based on these hermetic teachings, then what is to say this isn't real? And what is to say this shouldn't be included in educational program or even extra-curricular activities if nothing else? The reason why people cannot come to these terms because they cannot perceive past the illusion of reality itself. It is akin to looking at a mirror when in fact you are merely looking through a window to a universe of possibilities that is known as yourself. The only reason that you aren't able to perceive God and yourself in the mirror is because you are the limiter bases off your beliefs, and therefore you are the one limiting yourself to this window of opportunity.



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