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Sniffing dead birds, suicide, rotting hedgehogs



We are TRANSVESTITEstallion the experimental band

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- "500 Albums You Won't Believe Until You Hear Them"
by Neil and Tom Nixon
published by Gonzo Multimedia

TRANSVESTITEstallion: Sniffing Dead Birds, Suicide, Rotting Hedgehogs and Semen (dada poetry and noise)
Satan sez: And now we rise, and we are everywhere.  
According to TRANSVESTITEstallion’s Bandcamp profile: “we are quite experimental...
atonal outsider, Noise anti-music, glitch electro, art, dada, Poetry, random Musique Concrete, Neo Krautrock. electronica and sometimes beats :)” The present authors would suggest the graphic at the end of the wordage is as important than any of words. We’d also want to provide a reality check, of sorts. When Jacob Aranza wrote the second of his two books warning the world about backward masking, and the plethora of satanic sounds available in 1985 he could offer up  generalities like: “Most of Prince’s music is sexual. He seems to be obsessed with a warped sense of morality.”* Back then there was clearly a view amongst the righteous and “right” in political terms that this fetid tide could be turned with a combination of clear argument and re-programming of the slavering hordes who bought the wrong music.
            Fast forward 30 years and Bandcamp are providing a home to the likes of TRANVESTITEstallion. “Sniffing Dead Birds…(dada poetry and noise)”, is what you might imagine. Warped mind-fuck spoken word cut-ups, random bleeps and echoes and a deranged story hanging somewhere out of reach: “Sam sucked on a hedgehog with spiny teeth.” Let’s leave aside what – if anything – TRANSVESTITEstallion mean by all this and lay back with Lucifer as he settles down with these sounds. Compared to the minor moral panic about Prince, Bandcamp and its social networking sidekicks is an explosion of rampant endangerment likely to require way more than a well-crafted argument to spike its power. In this world TRANSVESTITEstallion are ravaging the righteous thinkers in ways Jacob Aranza and his followers never began to anticipate.
            You can head to Bandcamp in search of the most innocent and pure outpourings of sincere hearts, click on a wholesome tag and find yourself staring at this stuff in seconds. Granted, the present authors were actively seeking filth and fury when they stumbled upon TRANSVESTITEstallion (as a result of following the tag: “semen” if you must know.) But “Sniffing Dead Birds, Suicide, Rotting Hedgehogs and Semen (dada poetry and noise)” is also tagged with “birds” and – therefore – lies one click away from new age and nirvanic noises like “Forest Sounds with Relaxation Music.” Add to this that TRANVESTITEstallion are, like, OFFERING THIS ONE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD and you understand why sound hounds are saturated with possibilities, and why every person seeking to stem this tide is, metaphorically speaking, sticking a finger in a leaking dam. The notion that the world will ever again agree on one musical message, style or moral position is fanciful, and every creed or group that suggests otherwise might want to spend an afternoon locked in a room listening to the complete catalogue of TRANSVESTITEstallion.
*Jacob Aranza: More Rock & Country Backward Masking Unmasked (Huntington House, 1985) p.109

We are so proud :)

please buy the book now!!!

here is a link to the book;…


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