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... a controversial man, born a serb in Krajina (now a days Croatia)
Nationalised American...

...but he deserves a lot of more credit than what he got...

...he had Dreams, he might have been nuts, but his care wasn´t money, he thoght that great discoveries will reward themself...

...unfortunently he wasn´t very intrested in money, he wasn´t a money maker, his wish was to give to humanity what they diserved...

...unfortunently a man far ahead of his time, since his thoughts was three, four or five steps ahead...

...Now he starts to get some recorgnition again, but he is also linked to many conspiriatist thoeries, I wish not to talk about hem, althogh, who can blame then???

...there are many question marks when it comes to Teslas life and the bad luck (???) he encountered...

...but my only wish is to say that he was a great inventor, among other things, an idealist (wich I don´t always agree with) but still an idealist, who had a gole...


this is a design for my band commemorating this human that could have made it so much further if he wasn´t an idealist...

Cheers for Nikola Tesla the man of the 20th century (born in the 19th century)

R:I:P Nikola

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Edison stole Tesla idea and military created HAARP to manipulate the global climate.