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(●`・(エ)・´●) DOUJIMA
I'm making this journal to call all Singaporeans!
I'm going to be doing my debut doujin booth this Sunday! ^^

24 August
SCAPE, Level 5, The Gallery, Behind extravaganza

To see what I'm selling, go to

A like would be appreciated!
I will update it with art and comics ^-^

To watchers and friends:
First of all, thank you all so much for your comments and favourites - as someone with low self esteem they mean a lot to me, and I will get around to replying them soon! T-T Thank you thank you!!! //tears I stopped drawing for a few years, but I hope to draw a lot more again and better myself especially in drawing guys and bodies and backgrounds (stuff I've never bothered to learn before, as you can tell from my lame gallery chock full of half body lolis)

I drew a lot for the past 10 days so after my event, I'll submit them all :D
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Hi guys, I have a booth there.
I'll be selling on the spot art commissions, self designed stickers and cute charms (:

EVENT: Cosfest x.2
DATE: 25, 26 feb (sat and sun)
TIME: 1pm-6pm
LOCATION: D'Marquee at Downtown East

Please visit… and to look at the stuff i'm selling. Thanks! Come support!!
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:iconheplz: :iconheplz: :iconheplz: :iconheplz: :iconheplz: :iconheplz: :iconheplz: :iconheplz:
I AM GOING :iconheplz:
ARE YOU? :iconheplz:
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WELL :iconheplz:
SEE YOU THERE. :iconheplz:
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Meow who is going?!!
Art trade haha!
Sunday, 12 December 2010
10 am – 6:30 pm
Republic Polytechnic
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Look at this pro
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Singaporeans, are you going?

It's on 3 and 4 July

Please tell me if you are going (and on which day), we could do an on the spot art trade ^^
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This deviation showed up on the front page and it was blatant plagiarism of many manga artists. I checked the gallery and the style kept changing.
The eyes were a giveaway.

Are people that stupid not to realise that people who don't trace/copy only keep to a certain style?

When where who will be going help me

i want to go
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for people who watch me, thank you ^^
I can be found here, they are ranked according to


You can buy art in ^ gaia gold ^
or neopets accounts

: (
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Er who's going?
Apparently I think i'm going on sunday.
But i got no phone so I try to borrow from my mom.

ME. hawtmeal/mushopea (will be at graffiti board or looking at stalls)
damashii  (joining some negima group)
xephonia (refrains from commenting)
Murasaki-Hoshi (??who is this guy??)
mindyourstep (HANQINGGG!!!)
ringquesse (ZLXXXZXZX!!!!!)

i hope theres a graffiti board.
still considering going.

edit 2010
I've deproved.. sigh ):…
^^ That is so, totally YUCK. :| poor anatomy and everything. ^^…
^^ This is like so fucking cluttered please. Sheesh. ^^…
^^ a request of lavender-ice's character. no comment. ^^…
^^ yay. my OC. which is so not me. I shd go get another emo one. ^^…
^^ Hope you can tell that's a guy.. ^^…
^^ fucking fugly. no comments. ^^

PLEASE RATE MY NEW BLOG LAYOUT. If u got any critiques, or comments, please voice them out. Those pictures will be credited to their respective owners. Basically just some slapping of brushes. but oh well. rate.

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yay yay it's my birthday on 5th may :D
there is NO HINT here as i don't like people to give me presents because.. i shy mah =D

however, please give me more pageviews on that day by dropping by and commenting with 'Musho, :shithappens:ty birthday to you'

lately I have been depressed, vulgar and emo.
I still am. lolol fuck.

And Krost is leaving our school (there are no negative reasons to this) and I knew about this at the last minute so.. /. omg.. but lucky i could say a last goodbye to her, anyway, have a nice time in your new school (:

edit 2010
this post is so attention whore and gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so many.


anyway. i know i owe alot of people art so please dont remind me. that includes commission.

♥ Thankies.