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Pixar Wallpaper

I just recently watched Up and then wanted to make a Pixar wallpaper for me when I got home.

Usually I wouldn't upload this kind of stuff, because I feel like I haven't really done a lot of work to make it. But I thought that maybe some other people might like to use it.

Make sure you hit the Download button on the right to see the full size, 1920 x 1200 version.
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too bad lasseter's a fraud
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I just put this on my desktop so now I'm using it as a background/wallpaper!
(And by the way, I'd like to see you do an updated version which should go all the way to the upcoming sequel Incredibles 2 when it comes out.)
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You made a kid happy, and that's priceless. Thks
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From this moment, Everything will change.
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Now THAT is something I can have on my wall!
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I like Pixar movies. Those are amazing stories!
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Pixar Wallpaper Updated for 2014 - 4K and 1080p by SacrificialS I rebuilt this from scratch in a higher quality 4k version. I spend quite a bit of work but in the end I think it looks awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!
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this was used for the "Pixar Theorem" I saw posted on 9gag. Pretty awesome wallpaper if you ask me.
Dude!!...This is PERFECT for my son's lil "cheap" tablet!
I hope adding this as wallpaper won't make him forget about the football in the corner of the house.

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Great wallpaper
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You work at Pixar?
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Omg! (wait... where's Brave?)
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but wheres UP? D:
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Oh sorry,didn't see UP at the moment ^^;
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Brave was release in 2012. This pic uploaded before the movie came out.
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These are all my favorit movies :)
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I love this wallpaper :D
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greatest animation company ever
This is AWESOME!! Please add Cars 2 and Brave...then it will be complete! Until their next film comes out that is haha
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I love it! thanks :)
Would you add The Brave?
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