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First thing I've made in a while now. Hope you all like it! Comments are as always highly appreciated!
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Okay this is interesting... we got a blue background which looks to me like an ocean with the word "Life" written in the middle of it. Each one of the letters has a different face of nature as its texture. Below that is a a very true quote.

I like this picture as it combines several aspects of nature, namley flowers, grass, leaves, ice and the ocean (I think its the ocean) The cropping of the letters has been done very successfully and the contrast between the background and ever single one of the letters emphasies on the word - full points for technique!

At first I thought the resolution was a little too high when looked at full view, so I thought I'd try it as my desktop background and its absoloutly beautiful - well done, not too big at all as the resolution can handle it.

I gave full points for originality, I have seen something simmilar before BUT it has always been with some kind of animal (Big Fan) but never with natural elements such as these. Nice.

I gave four stars for impact, as its very true what is said in the picture, which is great however the only thing I wondered is why the ice was in there, doesnt seem to have much to do with life. Anyway the rest fits very well!

Overall a very very nice picture! Beautiful background texture brought together with great skill. Keep it up <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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Thanks you so very much for taking the time to write this Critique. The snow is there because I was thinking about the four seasons. But that's maybe not so easy to understand ^^;

Thanks again for the Critique! Appreciate it.
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Ahh okay sorry didnt quite grasp that but that makes a lot of sense of course :)
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Such a lovely work with meaning..Good job!
Insightful! Each letter is a season (of life), indeed the cycle goes on.
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This is so simple but so lovely
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Can I please use this image for a Quote pics??? 
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May I use this picture in my magazine? What permission channels do I go thru? Thanks
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I love this actually using it now as my desktop background. Good Job!!
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Thanks, nice work!
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Thanks, nice work!
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Congrats. Simple but effective.
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OMG you created this??? Holy moly I can't believe I found the artist of this creation XD!! I LOVE this >.< !!! I found this a long time ago and showed all my persian friends lol I showed them because it reminds me of the persian new year :)
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talent - you have it
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Thanks for sharing.
"LIFE" is so awesome!!
Dope stuff and Thank to you :)
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Wow.. I've been looking for something different to use as my wallpaper, and this is just perfect in so many ways! Thank you very much :3
Gorgeously simplistic
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I love this.... hats off
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