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Internet Slang

I had to enter atleast one of the birthday contests, so I chose this one. :D

I remember a long time ago I saw a guy's tshirt which I thought had a really neat design, so I wanted to try and make some similar. :)

I know that I probably missed many abbreviations, but these are the ones that first popped into my head. :giggle:
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Can I use this as a blog header if I credit you?
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Hi, I was wondering if it's okay to use this image as the cover image for a blog I work for? Obviously I'll credit and link back.
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hello! I'm working in a chilean virtual magazine, called LetraMedia ( And I was wondering if I can use this image for a article about internet slang. Obviously I will put your name and the web adress of the image.

Thank you very much!
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Yea sure, go for it! :)
I have the shirt!! haha it's called spoilt, about spoilers from various movies. LOL
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very nice ! I'm not good at english so can i ask :
what is BRB , TTYL , TBH , LMAO ? i know its slang but just tell me what does it mean > ? :D
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Be right back, talk to you later, to be honest, and laughing my ass off.
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congrats Mushir! :highfive:
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The top hat and beard on the H in tbh is really clever! :D
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Haha thanks! :meow:
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Omg imo u fail noob lol jk ily =D
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