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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2018, 10:14 AM

Launch day has arrived. is now live (link below). It is the hub for my online footprint and where I will be sharing my creative projects. From there you will be able to visit the other platforms I am using to create things for your entertainment.

For those who are interested in a peek behind the scenes, you can follow or support me on Patreon (link below). Followers will get some behind the scenes content, free of charge. Patrons will get even more behind the scenes content and access to special features and offers the general public won't have. If you like to see what goes on when the stuff is being made, my Patreon is for you!

I will also be continuing to post updates in both Facebook and Tumblr for those who follow me in either place.

I am excited to launch all of these options today! If even one of you out there likes the stuff I am doing, that is a win. So, if you know anyone who digs stuff like what I have been posting, please share this post with them.

Thank you all!
:D <3

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August 2, 2018