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Summer is coming! :chew: Something warm for the spring! ;P

1920 x 1080 + 2 x "Crumpy" Edits ;P
960 x 800 Here!

Photoshop Action!!

Made this originally way back to my android "Iphone 5" set-up Here!
Made from photo I took with my SGS2 from our pent houses roof Instagram!

Hope you dig it! :happybounce:
:dummy: & :heart: & :+fav:
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Great work i use your wallpapers
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Can I use it as a background for my blog? I will certainly write credits :)
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crumpy effect looks great :)
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great work mate!
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Nice presentation, you should consider making the title a little dark 'cause its kind of hard to see it!
...anyways nice wall.
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Thanks! ;P Ment to be like that ^^ Thanks for your opinion anyway! :heart:
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I loved your Logo, then the wallpaper :heart: :D
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keep the good work. :)
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Wow. I fucking love the "crumpy" version, man. Great job.
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Glad to hear that! ;P Using it atm!
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It looks pretty god damn fantastic on elementaryOS: [link]
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Recommend downloading it again, I added 1 more version of the "crumpy" one ;) This one looks even better, or that's what I think ^^
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