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Wallpaper I made for a concept VS wayback.. there is couple other versions of this, want em?

Modified from this.

1920x1200 px.

Hope you like it!
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Glad you like it! ;)

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Reminds me of the windows vista BG's :) 
Nice colours
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Do you sell these images? and if so, how can I go about buying this? 

or is it free?
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Since it's modified from someone elses work, I cant sell it. It's free to use in personal use. So you'r not allowed to make money out of it :/ Sorry.
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Nice looking! Keep up the good work!
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Looks dope bros :)
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Just beautiful. Great job.
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I want other version toooooo :D , with some dark colors if you can.

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awesome, thanks!
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I think I've seen something similar here in like 2012, nonetheless I loved that one so I indeed love this one aswell.
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Yeah, I modded this from some ones work... just cant find the source :/

If some one knows /finds it, link it here and Ill add it on the info!
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