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By Mushcube
My current (5.17) SGS2 setup.
If you reealy gotta get something, ask for it! ;P
The picture is taken with my SGS2 btw!

Wallpapers done by ME [link]
WidgetLocker Slider done by ME [link]
- used PSD file by PsdChat [link]
Icons from [link]
Mclock XML Skin done be ME [link]
Drawer icon done by ME [link]

If you wish to use the Mlock XML skin you need to go edit the file paths in the XML code! (the txt file in the folder)
Change them to match the file path where your mClock skins are!
Like this: My files are in my external SDcard so the path is in my phone next "/sdcard/external_sd/mClock/Block/BG.png"
But if you dont use SDcard the path might be this "/sdcard/mClock/Block/BG.png"

Hope you dig it! :happybounce:
:dummy: & :heart: & :+fav:
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I feel silly asking this but I'm having a hard time figuring this out, the folder only contains 4 PNG files that is included in the zip. Am I missing something here? I put that folder in the correct path for Widget Locker however there is no lock screen to choose from that looks like this one when I go into the app.
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You need to add the zip folder from this [link] to the data/tesla.../widgetlocker/themes path (or what ever it is on your product...) to simply add the slider in to your themes. Then just go to WidgetLocker + add a new slider and select Loader.wltheme from the theme list... of course you need to change the wallpaper manually and disable the notification bar + add the mClock skin if you want it! Be sure to add the loader.wltheme in the ZIP format in to the themes folder!

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Pleas i need a tutorial how to install this locker. I already installed WL and downloaded the PNG's.. Any help appreciated, Thanks!
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After you have installed Widget Locker app just put the WidgetLocker Slider ZIP file (loader.wltheme) to you androids main SD card/data/com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker/themes as unpacked ZIP file... (hope you got that part) Then go to your lockscreen and longpress or click your menu button in the phone to Add a new custom slider to do this you might have to enter the widgetlocker lock screen in edit mode! This you can do by clicking the widgetlocker app icon in your app drawer! :) Hope you got it! ;P ASK if you need more help! :dummy:
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Damn, how easy :D THANKS so much!
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I love this WL Slider! Great stuff!
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Nice to hear that! :)
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Hey, trying to use your mClock skin, background and clock divider(dots) are showing properly, but the clock isn't. Minutes or Hours.
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Hmm, can you take a screen shot so I can see what might be wrong?
Did you notice that the skin is set to 24H clock style?
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Awesome work. Thanks for the widgetlocker theme and mclock skin.
I'm in love with your clock but even after changing the path and realigning the text to center it, the stupid colon will not show up! I left it in 24hour time and spaced out the minute and hour thinking maybe they were overlapping but I still can't find the colon O_O any idea what I might be doing wrong?
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You get the XML png.s to load in mClock? Or it only throws a blank clock to you? You want to tell me the path of your mClock skins so I could try to edit it for you? Dont realy know what's wrong with it... Have you done XML codin/editing before?
Yes, i got everything except the colon to appear. The background and border are both there but no colon haha. I haven't done any xml coding before but this seemed pretty straightforward and made for an interesting night :) at first i modded the routes in the xml file to /sdcard/downloads/mClock/Block because you said we might need to change it. After i did that the colon wasnt there so i just redownloaded the folder and created a route in my phone to match the xml. Still no colon :/ i did readjust the heighth for both to top:-35 because it was a littlr off-center on my sgs2 using a 4 column view.
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aaa! You mean the dots in the clock?! :D must have uploaded the wrong version of the xml pack xdd here is the right one! [link] Ill update the link in the description! :P Sorry for the trouble! just replace the PNG file in the XML pack of the older version and you dont need to re-edit the XML code :)
Lol thanks, I was going to make my own revised png file tonight but thankfully you have an updated one :D
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;) Glad you like it!
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beautiful, now featured on NaPPy fone group :D :+fav: :peace:
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Really like the clock and the LS theme, what are they?
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Custom Launcher Pro and Widget Locker setup! :) REEALY good apps, you should try them if you have android!!
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