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Warrior Cats Couple Base!

By musewings
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Cute stuff to forget that these cats die horribly on the regular!

You MAY:
-Make Adoptables to trade for or sell for points
-Use it personally

-Remove the 'musewings' credit
-Sell the bases for real money
-Claim the bases as your own
-Trace the bases for your own art

Not a requirement, but please show me the completed base!
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Is it alright if I can change there fur a bit, like to make it more fluffy?

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Made just a few changes but thats for lending this

Oc love
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Am going to use this for some neko atsume ships bc why not

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Bluebellpaw (soon to be Bluebellthorn) and Jayskip

Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 4.47.27 PM
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here's mine:

Dd35zvb-96c71bd9-069b-43e0-8cf4-6562a7da2be3 (1)

Thanks so much for making this!

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Open: Split Breedable Daffodil

Thank you, thought it was a cute, easy to color base for a breedable thing.

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My real life cat(orange tabby) and his gf (grey tabby)

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This is so cute!
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Is there possibly a transparent version? I love this base, it's adorable!

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i have one

Warrior Cats Couple Base  By Musewings Dd35zvb

go nuts.

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Thank you so much!

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np, it was easy, to make one (if your interested) in Medibang just make a layer above the base, turn off antialiasting for the bucket, make the fill "canvas" instead of "layer" then use the bucket to "trace" it.

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Oh sweet. Thanks man!

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no problem, im female but i have no problem if i get called a dude, i honestly expect it, with my icon and all.

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I'm a female too. I call everyone dude, it's nothin personal. If you'd prefer somethin else, my bad, sorry! <33

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nah, i call everybody (once i get to know them) dude, you can call me whatever you like. ^^

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