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MLP: Mine Little Pony

Haha. Get it? Mod cause Mod can also mean-.... okay, I'll get on with it....

This picture is because Hannah and Peva are important members of the Yogteam too.
I knew they had their own ponies, but the colors were too bright to be in the Israpony picture. So they get their own picture instead.
Hannah's pony is also slightly mixed with Luna, to reflect what she play on the mod. (Though I only added the horn and the moon) (Peva's pony already seemed rather Rainbowdash-ish, so I didn't add anything other than headphones)

Hope they're acceptable. m= =m

Peva and Hannah ponies owned by them
MLP (c) Hasbro
Art by me
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This is cute ^^ even though I'm not a fan of the new MLP Sunshine of Israpony is so funny :P Yogscast are awesomes ^^