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Daisy is Dead Doodles



.....I may have gotten a bit carried away... It was originally 5 characters, but then there was empty space and-.... YAY MORE DRAWINGS!

Lots of fun drawing these characters again~:heart: And getting to draw the ones I've been waiting for an excuse to draw (Also drawing zombies in 80's fashion :heart: )

There was suppose to be speaking, but only Daisy seemed to want to do talking.
Her in the business suit was being lectured by SarahBee.
"You are a bee, not a cricket. Quit trying to be my conscience. And I'll have you know this suit makes my breasts look fabulous."

Daisy wasn't suppose to be in Rose's picture, but she got upset with the drawing.
"This is DAISY is dead, not ROSE is dead! If any one has a fully body shot in awesome clothes, it should be ME!"

You can find the comic and it's updates here: [link]
Daisy is Dead is (c) to the ever amazing artist :iconcozmictwinkie:

Doodle-ness by me
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Oh goodness, these are wonderful! I love the outfits you put Daisy and Rose in, and I might just steal An's flower petal-y skirt for a future strip. X3
Thank you!