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SasuNaru: Together

"You and I... we're unstoppable, teme."

Naruto, Sasuke (C) "Naruto", Masashi Kishimoto, Viz, Jump Comics, etc...

EDIY: Lovely coloring by :iconleaf-oneechan: [link]
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Damn, I deleted the color ver of this one during my emo-anti-drawing-phase, what a shame...
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i love your work and this picture is awsome! ^^
If enough people sign, Kishimoto Masashi said a sasunaru ending in the anime may be considerable as he likes the pairing himself. Why has the characters who fall in love always the opposite sex? Lets make a change and get signing!!!…
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This is so priceless :iconfinallyplz: :heart:
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Perfect, i hope it happens in the anime/manga.
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Your art is so perfect !!
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OH MY GOD THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my god so touching ;A;
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'Stop grabbing my ass, hentai!' LOL Love it
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YAYY!!! This pic made me so happy! Sad and happy! Sappy!
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this..jskdhjshajdsjksdhlsakd *CRY!!*
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*dies of happiness*
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This picture touched me deeply, I love your work:heart:
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I wish this could be happening in shippuden right now. D:
its so beautiful!
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This is fucking awesome omg :O
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You... have just given me the best birthday present ever.

...and it's not even for me, and my birthday is four months away.

Thank you. <3
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Man this shit just made me cry lol
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waaaahhhh, i was always (and will stay 4ever) sasunaru- fluff- fangirl.... and this is GOD-LIKE GORGEOUS!!!! (really wish this to happen in manga)
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now that;s the reunion I want to see in the manga! (: but sadly I don't think it'll happen..yet ;)
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It made me spring. o-o
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