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Recent Journal Entries

This is a small collection of links about the same old struggle of find your passion or "one true calling" in life, and how some people either don't have a "one true calling" or have many callings/a calling that includes/covers more than one calling. I think these may be helpful to others like myself that just can't seem to decide on what they want to do with the rest of their life.
These links(and video)have made me realize that it's not so much a question of "What one thing I want to do", but "Why should I limit myself to just one thing?" and "Do I truly even want/have to limit myself in such a way?"………………………

These videos may not seem related, but if you can keep an open-mind you may discover the connections.

NO...You do NOT need to watch all of these. Just watch the ones that pique your interest/curiosity.

I'm gonna explain what goes where for each of the Gallery Folders so there's less confusion, if any at all. This will be updated if and when any new Folders are added, and when I figure out what to do with the Featured Folder(I am open to suggestions).

Featured: Haven't quite figured out what to use this one for yet.

Art Traditional: Any free-hand art that isn't FanArt.

Art Digital: Any digitally created and rendered art that isn't FanArt.

Literature: Any literature that is not FanFic or Poetry.

FanFiction: Any fiction and stories that are based on preexisting Fictional characters and environments TV, Movie, Game, etc.

Poetry: Any and all Poetry and Lyrics.

Photography: Any photos that may possess only minor alterations, and aren't done to show off costumes, cosplay, jewelery, etc.

Body Art: Any Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Paintings that aren't digitally rendered.

Wearables: Any Costumes, Jewelry, Cosplay, etc. that can be worn by live people.

Trinkets: Any Sculptures, Figurines, Plushies, Beaded, Origami, etc. that isn't digitally rendered.

Journals: Any random thoughts, questions, etc. you wish to share that can inspire and help others.

OCs: Images and descriptions of Original Characters and anything tied specifically to an OC.

Guides: Any How To, Steps To, etc. meant to provide guidelines for aspiring artists and authors to follow as they wish.

FanArt Traditional: Any free-hand art that is FanArt.

FanArt Digital: Any digitally created and rendered art that is FanArt.
I have a Barn Owl, specifically Tyto alba, spirit animal named Aryn(Ah-reen, with a little roll to the 'R'). I discovered her through a method that's part meditation and part hypnosis. I love her. She has provided me with oodles of wisdom; and if I lived in the Golden Compass universe, I believe she would be my daemon except a male version. Also, J. K. Rowling has tweeted that there will soon be a quiz on Pottermore to discover what form a person's Patronus may take; which I am very excited for.

Which brings me to my subject.

First, what do you think your spirit animal/daemon/patronus would be? Second, while you technically can't choose your spirit animal/daemon/patonus; if you could choose, what would be your possible choice(s)?

There are no limitations.
Everyone needs an inspiration or motivational quote or mantra that we can remember and repeat to ourselves to help us when we're down.

This one is my favorite:

"Constant as the stars above, always know that you are loved."  -Barbie as Rapunzel

It also has a sweet little song that plays in the movie as well.

What's your inspirational and motivational quote/mantra that you favor in dark times?
According to the Disney Fairies franchise:

"When a baby laughs for the first time, that's when a fairy is born."

If fairies actually existed and that were true; then that would mean each of us became "parents" in a sense since before we can remember. That got me wondering about what fairy(ies) my very first laugh in life gave "birth" to.

What fairy(ies) do you think you very first laugh in life gave "birth" to?
Who is/are your fairy child(ren)?
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Fun Fact

Back in High School, my English Teacher asked the class a question.

"If your imagination were a liquid, how would it pour?"

I don't remember where my teacher got the question from, but I stumbled across an image that fit the question perfectly. The image I am currently using as the Group's Avatar.



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