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Post-Apocalyptic Comedy
We roasted the dog, but I think most of the jokes went over his head. He doesn't speak much English anyway, just "sit," "stay," and "Hey, hey stop that!" We only roasted him because we'd already done everyone else-even the cat. The cat got more of the jokes than the dog.
Anyway, the first person to get the idea to do a comedic roast was Sam. She'd never seen one, (none of us had) but we'd all fallen victim to the repetitive commercials on Comedy Central advertising them while watching Scrubs, South Park, and Futurama reruns at random hours of the morning in my dimly-lit living room.  The basic idea was clear-spend a couple hours poking fun at someone, laugh for a while, then it was over. There are five of us human-beings, so we decided to do it once a month, space it out a bit.
They all wanted to roast me first. Somehow I became the leader, or something. I think it's because I'm the tallest. Or maybe because I've read so many random books. It made me uncomfortab
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Three Act Structure
The three act structure is a common and effective method of plotting a story. This tutorial aims to serve as a straightforward and practical introduction to that structure, avoiding excessive detail and technicalities. For those interested in a more extensive overview, I recommend reading Alexandra Sokoloff's posts on the topic at The Dark Salon. (See the links in her sidebar.)
If you've heard a story described as a beginning, a middle and an end, you've already encountered the three act structure. The first act is the beginning, where characters and ideas are introduced. It's the first quarter of the story and ends with the first climax. The second act is the middle. It's all about conflict and opposition. It's also the longest act, at roughly half the story. As such, the second act contains two climaxes: one at it's midpoint and one at the end. The third act is the end of the story and leads up to the
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Hello my lovelies!!!

So it's time for the yearly journal update! I mean wow, a whole journal entry a year! I'm so generous and giving and... Yeeeeah sorry about that |D

I realized I'd left things on a... Less than optimistic note, and you know what? Things ARE optimistic right now. Lets make my profile represent that!

First of all, I wanna mention ONE reason for my relative silence has been a change of venue... I have actually been arting quite a bit! It's all over on my art Tumblr, TheStudyofMonsters
I AM going to start trying to post more stuff over here, but the vast bulk of my work is probably gonna be on Tumblr first, so if you've been missing the glorious disasterous combo of lines and color we deem art made by Me, you should go look there! Go! Open that second tab! You know you waaaant tooooo~

ASIDE from that, there've been some other major life changes going down that've distracted me a lot from posting on DA.

Here's what's been up:

-Healed up a severally broken limb. Then promptly got Tendontis in the same arm!
-RECOVERED from Tendonitis (THANK GOD)
-Dealt with some stuff relating to Depression and Anxiety disorders. They aren't gone, but they're now under my management, and I'm Okay.
-Graduated from RISD!!!?? Am I an adult now? Wait what? When did that happen!?
-Day job begin
-Freelance Arting begin
-Trying to also balance making personal short comics as well BEGIN.

So right now I'm still in an adjustment period. But I've been getting to work with some awesome people, my day job is really accommodating of the fact that I need to schedule around my freelancing, I have two lovely fluffy cats, and many wonderful friends new and old alike.

What to expect from me anytime in the near future:
-Monster designs. I did a ton of bizarro creatures just for the sake of making bizarro creatures, and they'll be what I mostly post, because I can make them quick and casually and have fun stretching creative muscles without it conflicting with my professional worktime needs.
-Short comics!
    I've decided, before jumping into trying to make another longer form webcomic and having it not work out, I'm going to try a different approach. Short stories! I did a bunch in some of my classes, and the format really works for me. Writing and storytelling are things I've been especially concerned about getting more of a handle on, and short stories are one of the best way to practice those things. Plus I get to play around with a lot of different ideas without having to tie myself to any of them long run!
    This is manifesting in a series I'm calling 21 Utopias. Basically 21 stories based on 21 of the Major Arcana Tarot cards. I've got a page talking a bit more about it on my tumblr, as well as the first comic of the series, The Tower.

I am, of course. Working on some longer-form comics. Obviously. But I will say its "working on" less in the sense of "it's going to be made this year", and more in a "I'm slowly writing this, but first I'm going to do a bunch of smaller projects to get my feet beneath me". I won't say any more about that, because it's not topical yet. Just that if there's some old OCs of mine you liked, well, they may someday re-emerge, in great and terrible new forms!

So that's Muse In Current News! Expect art to follow soon!


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United States
An Amused Muse.

Often generates Enthusiasm, Monsters, Comics, Ligne Claire inking, amd Concept Art.


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flannelRaptors Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hello there! I know you probably have no idea who I am but a friend of mine drew this for you awhile back and they're too embarrassed to link it directly to you, so I just figured i'd do it for them uvu Asylum Doodles by Rone-Ombre

Have a nice Day/Night~
coldfire323 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Been a long time since we've heard anything from you. Are you okay?
MuseAmused Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oh hey!

Wow, thanks for checking in on me. I'm okay. I wasn't for a while (broken arm + depressive episode+ some life changes), but... I got better :B I'm in a pretty good place these days!

Main reason for my silence is more a change of locale; I post a lot of my work over on Tumblr now. I should really get around to making a journal entry mentioning that... And possibly posting some more of my work here, I definitely fell out of the habit. But an artist needs to be available on as many platforms as they can!

ALL THAT SAID, thank you for your concern, I'm doing pretty well, just really busy and on DA less. Still arting away, still working on my stories, trying the whole "artist as a fulltime profession" thing.

Got a lot of new stuff over at my tumblr

... But for real. Thank you.
coldfire323 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Oh wow, I honestly wasn't expecting a response. I'm glad you're okay--more than okay it sounds like! I bookmarked your tumblr in the meantime. And of course the first work to catch my eye was fanart of Forge from Paranatural. Fantastic stuff. Heart 

Again, glad to hear you're doing well!
MuseAmused Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ahahaha, well, I'm glad to defy expectations then!

Hee, thank you! I love Forge. He's terrible. But in such enjoyable ways!
jademacalla Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
Thanks very much for the Watch! :salute:
poisonraven5 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Why hello there~! ;P
RoneOmbre Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hi, just was looking at your old account and I was wondering if I could draw Asylum? And of course I'm saying he's yours.
Boromir66 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
thanks 4 the fave!
Emmybellbell Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
I know I'm sure your tired of this but your work with Asylum with Danny Phantom was amazing I loved it!! You wrote it very well and your drawing was fantastic! I'm in love with it honestly. I know you say that you won't make any more but as a fan I turly hope you continue it (even though I nknownit was a while ago) and at least finish it. It makes all of your fans (and Danny's) wonder what will happen next, what would happen next. I'm kinda tired of wondering what would happen next consider
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