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Sunset in the vines...

By Muse1908
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Here's a photo from my first time crushing grapes, taken back in early October 2020. The wine will be ready for tasting soon!

I hope you're all coping with the chaos at the moment? It's been a struggle over here, but getting through it one day at a time! x


See more on my website as always:
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farenellphoto's avatar

This is so cute.

JACAC's avatar

a l w a y s . g r e a t . :rose:

Muse1908's avatar
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=) =)

s t a y . s a f e ... h e r e . l o c k d o w n . a g a i n ...

ChrisFab1's avatar

Sweet Forbidden Fruit!

abdi-somalia4eva's avatar

Have you ever gone to the beach naked

Muse1908's avatar

Look through my gallery.

AngusMcIfe's avatar

Should of took the skirt off and done it nude ☺️

Gazu1965's avatar

Excellent photo, I think it is the most sensual image I have seen of you.

Bravo !!!!

Muse1908's avatar

Thank you very much, it was certainly a lot of fun to do, I've never crushed grapes this way before! Hoping the wine tastes good!

Gazu1965's avatar

So it will be, I don't doubt it.

Congratulations Muse.

Pimpernel's avatar

Welcome back! I hope you recover from the long-COVID effects quickly.

Muse1908's avatar

Thank you very much! x

Badtanker's avatar

I'm glad your back. Hubby takes some great photographs . Hope all is well over your way?

Muse1908's avatar

Thanks so much. We're on a curfew 6am - 6pm here in France, but has to be done.

Badtanker's avatar

Yep at least some places are doing something about it. All I'll say about it here because all it would do is go political which it shouldn't be here on your wonderful site. Take care.

caddman's avatar

...lovely picture....:heart:

Muse1908's avatar

Thanks so much!

caddman's avatar are welcome dear friend...:airborne:....

lammwould1's avatar

Great Work! You have the Number One Feature Photo for the next 48 hours in Tastefully-Done!

Muse1908's avatar

Thank you very much indeed! x

lammwould1's avatar

You are welcome!

Great Work!

Skytower's avatar

Great use of color, but I kept flashing back to this episode of 'I love Lucy'

Though I'm sure you never got into this sort of fight :)

Muse1908's avatar

Haha that made me laugh, never seen it before!

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