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sw link and zelda

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I won't rest until I see Link and Zelda kiss in-game!!!
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i really like your drawing style (: Beautiful
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Art...not a...sorry
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That is amazing! I can't even explain how awesome that is!
keep up they good a!
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Oh, pretty! Love the swing. Feels very much like she is in motion.
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So gosgeus! <3
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i'm really inspired by this pic. I really want to make a scene with the two now. thanks for the inspiration
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I wounder where links hand's going Giggdy
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this is beautiful :3
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love ti muse-Sempai :3 oooks beautiful
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So beautiful! I love it :heart:
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Annnnnd this is the wallpaper for the home screen of my iPad XD Man, I should get paid for all the advertising I do for you everyday! Just kidding. But honestly, this picture is so stunningly gorgeous. I really can't find the words for it. The setting is so beautiful and powerful in a subtle way, and the pose and expression of Link and Zelda really makes you just feel the relationship they have. This art is, like usual, incredible. In fact, I actually have your whole Zelda gallery saved on my device. I look at it everyday and show my friends to fangirl over how awesome it is. I hope you never stop making art, you have such a gift!

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This picture is so beautiful. :)
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I cant use any words to describe how beautiful this is!!! Outstanding job!! :love:
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Zelda's Lullaby can fit this piece. It's so soothing to see this.
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