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I have my traditional list still but I have no more ideas for digital...

Anyone have any suggestions I should try practicing? Feel free to give me some :heart:
So I figured I'd get a little more involved and start being a part of stuff on dA outside of dAhub..

So contest is for drawing selected shipped characters, one of the pairs being Beastboy and Raven [for all you DC fans out there]
[Sorry WhiteWinterAssassin but I have to do this one, I'm bias xD...][My cat's name is Raven for those of you who don't know]

If you're interested, here is all the info you will need: :thumb608347969:
Digital: Make things Ghibli related :heart:

Ceramic: Totoro Puzzle

Traditional: -Commission piece [music group]
                 -Jensen Ackles
                 -Zooey Deschanel

Have any other suggestions, I'm game!
I just wanna thank all of the people who watch me albeit people who like me or people who like what I do :heart: I love everyone and I want everyone to know that I still appreciate all the faves... I don't always wanna be redundant and spam you guys with thanks so I wanna extend it through this :)

I hope you guys have a lovely rest of your day/night.

P.S. Always feel free to contact me, you guys don't bother me with questions or chit chatting!
I've decided I'm gonna collect the ultimate llama thing for kicks and giggles so even though I'm really far away from my ultimate goal, I'm really close to leveling up my llama thing~ only 25 more to go until next llama woo!! :D
I'll be at the Ghibli Museum in about 5ish hours!! I've never been and I'm excited to see what it's like first-hand.

I'm also almost at 1.5/20 of my points goal to get core... All-in-all woo! :)

That's all I have to share with yas. Have a good day~
What is it that makes people dislike themselves so much that they are their own enemy?  As someone who has the blues on a constant on/off basis [I'll just call it this for arguments sake] .... What is it that has made this mental hole of mine so deep I can't escape these thoughts?  Feel free to leave your input/experience but this is just my food for thought tonight...
Now I've explained to a few people how dAhub works but for anyone who doesn't know... You can collect points by simply watching, favoriting or giving llamas to the featured deviants...

What I have liked is that it has shown me some amazing and talented people and allows for easy referral :)

So if you need points, want to be discovered, or even branching out a bit... I'd strongly recommend checking it out:


Whoever I found this through, I'm extremely thankful because it's been a lot of fun meeting new people :) very easy for a newb like myself~
I'm happy to have made some new friends :) so far I've encountered some super sweet and supportive people and it's so welcoming since I'm such a little newb.

I also love this new icon thing my friend Alxiety made for me o_o egg sushi is so good! And being a vegetarian who doesn't like fish[cucumber rolls are okay] It's the only sushi I can thoroughly enjoy so woo~!

And I'm a little over 1/50 of my points goal haha I basically live in dAHub now which makes me laugh.

Aaaaand my first batch of ceramics didn't turn out half bad so I am looking forward to making more stuff in the near future... I shall see how my wheel thrown stuff comes out now.