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Well I have to say thanks to my nephew Greg Novin. As my tech knowhow is shall we say limited, Greg managed to explain it all to me using crayons and macaroni diagrams. Whoooo Hooo. Still adding things but now I know what I am doing. Sure helps...thanks again Greg
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So NY comicon is over. Was nutz the whole thime. Lots of good friends and great art so it was lots of fun. Some good news may be in the making. Keeping fingers crossed thought it makes it hard to ink.
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Well back from San Diego. It gets wilder every year. I agree with the general consensus that the movie industry is eating the con. It's Hollywood south these days. I know a lot of people in the comic biz have found work there but I still feel a certain sense of sadness at seeing comics relegated to a handy source of intellectual properties. However those that are comic orientated can still find lots of great comics, seminars, people and networking opportunities. It is undeniably a hot event. I guess all the children must learn to share the toys.  I will try to post some photos on Facebook......Later
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:iconillegalplz::iconsaysplz: YOU DESERVE HAVE MORE PAGEVIEW !
Thanks for the encouragement. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get the stuff I just put up here into my online portfolio. There is some repeats but also some stuff you don't see here it's if you have not already found it. Lator Gator..............Phyllis
Hello! Cheers so much for the fave! :dance:

I've only followed the Futurama comic series, but you worked on several of my most favourite editions. I'm not sure how much it means coming from me but I think your ink work was superb! :)
Hi ZZ It actually means a great deal that you not only liked my work but bothered to tell me so. I have not worked on Futurama for a while and I must say I miss it. The whole cast of characters, style, and concept were something I loved before I started working at Bongo. I wonder if I could ask you a question? I am notoriously non technical. I have uploaded a total of 22 pieces of art in several styles including more Futurama. I can't seem to get them onto my page. At least it does not seem so. As a user of the site, have you been able to access anything but the one Futurama piece? If you don't mind, let me know. And thanks again for the kind words about my work!
My absolute pleasure! :dance: :)

As for the technical side, I have to admit I'm slightly baffled too - I can access your picture of the two-page spread - which is in the Newest Deviations box on the left - but that doesn't even appear if I open up your Gallery page - only the following: [link]
At the same time, in the far-left sidebar with the next and previous buttons, on the page with the picture, there is a column of grey boxes which would usually denote other pictures in the gallery (of course, a gallery with only one or two pictures simply wouldn't have anything there) but the grey boxes remain just that, grey boxes, and I can't open them up.

Probably that's just telling you that I just see what you already see. I really wish I could help you more than just that - even with my experience of the website, I simply don't understand how that could be happening. :hmm:
Hello again my friend

Well after wasting all day on Tuesday I only managed to post one other ink to my page. I did however manage to create a separate portfolio. I still want to fix up the dev. site page but this will at least get my work viewable on the web. If you are curious I can be found at There is also a bunch of Futurama pages to be found there. Thanks for trying to help me out with the dev. site. Let me know what you think....................Later.........Phyllis
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