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"Stay calm, little fella, this won't hurt... much. It's your shot of your new, modified genetics which will make you much bigger, as ordered by your Mistress, Joy. Since she is getting the same treatment and will be growing much bigger, you, as her slut, has gotta grow too."...

So says Assistant Doctor Lynn Peree as she administers an injection containing Alex's new genetics and the "carrier virus" which will distribute it to every cell in his body.

They are in the genetics engineering wing of University Of Central Capital teaching hospital in Central Capital, Shasheer.

You KNOW by looking at this picture that we ain't in Kansas anymore. From the way the assistant doctor is dressed, this has GOT to be Shasheer!

This is part of the "Joy's Growth" comic story that the dammed making-a-living keeps blocking progress on.

And, speaking of taking a long time to complete a comic, picture, etc., this picture was originally intended to be a buffed version of Isabelle for Boudartmoreau who requested such a picture from me, like, nearly 3 years ago. Dam.

You see, this is why I don't take commissions. Because of that damned making-a-living monster, it takes me forever to get pictures out, much less a whole comic series. How do others on Deviant Art do it!? I mean, the time necessary for a half-way descent picture or good comic series? Agh! It's so frustrating!

Well, anyway, so it was originally intended to be a picture of a buffed Isabelle for Boudartmoreau, but in the usual manner of my inconsistent art, I made her too big. I will attempt another picture of Isabelle, I don't know, maybe before the next millennium.

Another mistake I made in this picture in it's original form, which you see here, is I made Alex too small. In the other picture that is posted next to this one, I did some whiz-bang magic in an image manipulator to make him bigger. In that picture, the sizes are as they should be. He is supposed to be 6 feet 2 at 150 pounds, small for a Shasheerian Taqh male. Assistant Doctor Lynn Peree is 7 feet 6 at 380 pounds. So I think I got the visual size relationship correct.

However, I realize that you folks on Deviant Art like extreme size differences between men and the muscle women. So I also posted this picture with the original size relationship for your kicks and grins. The picture with the correct size relationships is posted next to this one.

And yes, as usual, Alex is moi (me), as expressed into the astral realms by my imagination. I give him my slender build, but a nicer face and head. His legs are more developed than mine because he pedals velomobiles all the time, while I pedal a velomobile maybe twice a week (50 miles a week). Some god-damned how, I am already stupid 60, so he is younger looking in the face than me. (I don't know how the god dam hell I'm already 60. How'd that happen so fast!)
I gave me, Alex, blue hair as well. I would like to have my hair colored blue in reality, but, I guess at stupid god-damned 60, that wouldn't be appropriate. 60 SUCKS!!!!!

Note as well, that Alex wears make up (nail polish anyway) and ear rings. It is not unusual for men to "doll up" in Shasheer. They make themselves as nice looking, sleek and sexy to their women as they can.
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October 19, 2012
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